Lookback USB

Capture the screen of any iDevice & record from mac camera.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 12, 2016
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Can't you do this in Quicktime? Or is there added functionality with this.
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@chrishannah On top what QuickTimes does, Lookback USB captures video from the Mac's FaceTime camera, rotates the screen if the device was rotated, supports unplugging and replugging the device mid-recording, and automatically uploads to the Lookback platform, for easy cloud sharing and team collaboration.
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@chrishannah yes. All you do is plug in your iPhone / ipad, open Quicktime and go to FILE > NEW MOVIE RECORDING then click the little drop down and select your iDevice from the list as the source. BOOM. Now you can record. I use it all the time.
@littke Would be great not to add another cloud storage location for our team. Any plans to integrate with Box, Drive, etc?
Need a bit of explanation
@m3tthew Hi Matt, you can read more on the Lookback USB landing page https://lookback.io/usb and on our blog https://lookback.io/blog/. Thanks for showing interest!
Hey all! Thanks for the votes! We created this as an addition to our user research platform - creating another easy way to share iOS and Apple TV recordings. We capture the user's face and mic via the Mac to give a clearer insight into their understanding of the app they are testing. Hope this helps!
@petetak It works with the new Apple TV?!
@bradenhamm sure does!!
This is incredible. I am going to make a video on how to use @AirTailor with Lookback. Great job, @Petetak!
This is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile.