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#5 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2016
  • Claudio S
    Claudio SUI UX Designer @ Bukalapak

    All the feature for remote research is all there.


    Very unstable and unreliable.

    We've been using Lookback for like 6+ months or so. I hate, and love Lookback. They have all remote research feature there. Screen sharing to user, video call, session archiving, discussion, notes. But man, very unstable and unreliable. There are plenty of times that our session with participant ruined because we can't see the user, it's just plain blank, cannot upload, crashes in the middle of uploading, Android app is unresponsive + buggy, and many more. And, they only rely on Intercom for support. No mail/Twitter DM support so far.

    Claudio S has used this product for one year.
  • Catherine Lawson
    Catherine LawsonUX Researcher

    None - been told not to use this on my Surface


    Live recordings don't work

    I have a years subscription to this software and am beginning to wish I hadn't. It is quite unreliable and I have a number of tests either not record or record no audio. The turnaround time on getting answers when you need help is dismal and very often no solution is found. In theory it is a good idea and a good system, but needs a UX researcher to carry out user testing to identify both technical and usability issues. I am not sure that this happens very often.

    Catherine Lawson has used this product for one year.
Understand your users in a whole new way, remotely or in-person. Invite your team to watch and take notes. That's the TL;DR about what Lookback Live does for you. A slightly deeper dive into the product: - Invite test participants using just a link, we handle the setup for the participant. - See the participant's screen and camera while talking to them. - Share the screen with your co-workers without disturbing the session. - Take notes as you are moderating or observing the session. (- As before, you can view the recording and all your team's notes (with timestamps) in replay afterwards.) No cables 🤘 Mac, iOS, Windows, Chromebook and Linux available now. Android coming soon. It's pretty great, but don't take my word for it (I'm a co-founder). Try it out, we'd love your feedback! Thanks!
This is definitely a step up from something like Hangouts and way more professional. Love the whole flow and team participation features. Congrats! @carllittke @b_gerstle
love it <3
Hi all, Thanks for the praise! Thanks for posting Murat 🙇🏻 I’m part of the team at Lookback working on this release. We're super excited to finally bring real-time user research to product teams all over the world! After the release of our experimental product Unicorns (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) we knew we could improve the process of user research. "Live" in Unicorns was cool, but we always believed "real-time" was next level and so we've been busy taking all of our learnings and pouring them into this release Read more about it, give it a spin and please tell us what you think: https://lookback.io/live Let’s go live!
Man, the amount of hours spent on making Hangouts or Quicktime work for a user study... Ugh. It's so important to save and share this kind of research but it always seems to hard. This looks like a perfect solution. Great work! By the way: a feature to save small snippets of the video for quick sharing amongst colleagues, is that in the works?
@robertgaal Hey Robert. Thanks! re: Highlights and sharing with colleagues. Yes you sure can: https://lookback.io/support/high...