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Thanks for hunting us, @maccaw! In February, we launched Mailjoy, a lightweight tool to create personalized postcard campaigns, on Product Hunt. We’re back today with a new product, Local mail, that lets you design and target direct mail postcard campaigns for local markets. Simply craft a design using one of our templates, select the local market(s) you want to target, and then watch your campaign as it’s printed and delivered within 6-10 business days. Highlights -A self-service design tool to create beautiful designs in browser -Lots of templates with new ones being added each week -Search postal delivery routes and see demographic data on them (Based on 2010 Census data) -Print and delivery within 6-10 business days of ordering P.S. - We’re looking for a part-time graphic designer who loves print design and has basic HTML/CSS knowledge. If this is you, or someone you know, drop me a note at todd [at] company name to discuss potential opportunities to work together :)
Good thing to note is that it's US only. I would love for something like this to be more internationally focused. However, I understand that it will be quite difficult to do so :).
@nielsvr Good call. Just added it!
I help out with branding & advertising for a local business—this seems like a great way for local businesses to target nearby areas without needing specific addresses. Also, great you guys do the printing. It's always such a pain to figure out how much the grand total will be. You seemed to have nailed your pricing on the head. P.S. Love the Quokka 🐻
@jarrattisted Thanks, Jarratt! Yup -- we do the printing and mailing, and now we offer a self-service design tool so you don't even have to hire a designer.
It's very interesting, it's a pity not in all countries it's possible!(
This looks very useful...