For people who bother you, rather than google it themselves

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Marco Mereu@mfmereu · Founder & CEO, Gameblyr
Handing this link out like candy today
Felix ReznikHunter@felixreznik · Founder of eJuice Direct
@mfmereu lol me too !!!!
Nick Grosvenor @nickgrosvenor · Co-Founder, CineGrain
entire careers are made up of people that google things for a living that could otherwise be done by the end user or boss.
Or Arbel@orarbel · Co-founder Anima App | Prev. Yo
@nickgrosvenor "entire careers are made up of people that google things for a living" - talking about software engineers right? ;)
Nick Grosvenor @nickgrosvenor · Co-Founder, CineGrain
@orarbel yep :)
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
This is my go-to tool for trolling
Pranay Srinivasan@utekkare · Onwards - Founder, *Coming Soon*
LOL, should use this as a skill on every application now :)
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO, GoLocalApps.com, Apptoolkit.io
The downside to this, is most of the people I'd want to send it are clients and I can't.