The off switch for menstrual pain

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This is what TNW had to say about it... "This is the best wearable I have ever tried. Period."
OMG I LOVE IT!!!! Will share it, because period cramps kill most of us with uteruses... (or is it uterii???). :)
If you're female, you must have experienced menstrual pains at one time or another. Some women even describe the pains as the tortures of medieval ages. Livia is the wearable that alleviates all menstrual pains so that you never have to pop a pill again. Help the cause:
@ayeletnoff So you're saying I don't have to take any hormones? #ragingb Skeptical but willing to give it a shot.
@nadia_yun agreed...I'm also skeptical but if it can deliver on its promises it would be an amazing product
Hi, is it possible to develop a tolerance to the signals sent? Watched the video but couldn't hear exactly what she said (due to vacuum.)