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#1 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2018

Livestorm is the video conferencing and webinar software for the 21st century. It all runs directly from the browser, no download required. Host beautiful live webinars with interaction features, analytics and integrations, create on-demand webinars that run on autopilot, and host reliable video meetings.

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Hi Hunters! We're excited to be making our debut on Product Hunt today. We launched Livestorm 2 years ago with one goal: make webinars enjoyable for hosts and attendees alike. We're powering a large variety of live online video sessions, from product demos and customer trainings to internal comms events. We work with fast growing companies like Intercom or Revolut and great international groups such as Oracle or Bosch. When thinking about what was next for Livestorm, it only seemed logical to make a move towards video conferencing as a whole. Some of our customers, after handling a webinar session with 10s or 100s of participants, sometimes wanted a feature to hop on a VIP call with their most important prospects, that's what Livestorm Meet solves. It's built on the same technology as Livestorm webinars: no download required and compatibility with almost any device or browser you can think of. We also just launched our On-Demand webinars, helping our busiest customers to still leverage webinars while putting them on autopilot. To sum up, we believe that all B2B communications (sales, training, marketing, hr, internal comms) can be addressed through different angles: 1:1s, group sessions, on-demand. Also the live experience should not only be considered from streaming perspective but as a global experience (registration, emails, branding, automation, etc.). And we're hoping to make this global experience as smooth as possible. I'll stick around the thread for the day and will happily answer any questions you could have around Livestorm: our product, our team, our direction moving forward etc. Cheers, Gilles
Really happy using @livestormapp here at @chargebee. Great experience for the host, speakers and attendees. Keep up the awesome work - look forward to continuing this journey with @gillesbertaux and team!
@gillesbertaux do the automated webinars look live (as in, no playbars etc) and can you have it run every 15, 30 minutes or top of hour for example like Everwebinar?
@livestormapp @chargebee @yogeshgk Thanks! Looking forward to your next webinar about Revenue Story!
@kieranchase Good question, right now, we do not offer automated webinars like Everwebinar as we were trying to focus on mastering the live one, which was as you can expect the main requirement for our customers :) Soon enough we will expand to those other use cases though!
We absolutely love Livestorm at Intercom πŸš€
@stanmassueras Thanks Stan! πŸ™
Huge fan of what Gilles and the LiveStorm team are doing for webinars. The platform is so easy to use and connect with the rest of your buyer journey that MadKudu is constantly asking ourselves how we can use it more.
@liamboogar Thanks Liam! Looking forward to that joint webinar πŸ˜‰
@liamboogar Webinar about webinars? I'm in! πŸ˜‰

We use Livestorm for Sales Webinars every week since 1 year. More than 600 Leads generated!


- Integrations

- Easy to use

- Custom Landing Page

- High quality


- Integrations

Thanks for the kind review @jgoillot ! It's awesome to know you've generated 600 leads with Livestorm πŸš€ We have a blast working with companies with all kinds of users and acquisition strategies. Spendesk sales-oriented webinars are a great use case that we're looking to keep developing. We have a few things on our immediate roadmap (like team-wide accounts) that will facilitate selling with Livestorm even more. But for sure, adding native integrations (including is a priority that we'll focus on very soon, so stay tuned for our updates πŸš€

We moved to Livestorm in spring 2018, and have loved it from the first day. We run 2-3 webinars every week, and it simply works perfectly. Can't recommend this tool enough!


- Easy to use, quick to learn to use

- Doesn't eat resources

- Easy communications with the team


- No multiple users (yet)

- Small things, but it develops fast, so new and improved things arrive aal the time

We're super happy to be powering @leadfeederapp 's webinars πŸ˜ƒ Thanks for your kind review and support (as always πŸ‘). I also want to reassure you (and everyone reading this) that we're actively working on adding multiple users support (aka team-wide accounts). Although I don't have a timeline to share, know that it's the biggest focus for the team at the moment and we're making constant progress on it.