Live Mockups helps you create Video Mockups for your Websites, Apps and UI Prototypes. Make video mockups in just 60 seconds.
Export it in MP4 or GIF, Upload Background images and show your beautiful screens in Video Mockups to the world.

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Hey PH, I'm Sahil, maker of Live Mockups helps you create Video Mockups. Record your screen or Upload your video interaction into Live Mockups and Show off your work! More new mockups will be added soon. I'd love to get some feedback
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@sahildeliwala1 cool, but is not exporting the audio?
@mrdobelina Yes, I'm removing audio in final output. But yes, I think there might be need for audio in mp4 so I'll add option to mute/unmute sounds in final mockup soon
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@sahildeliwala1 yes! that would be great to have that option
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@sahildeliwala1 I'm having trouble when exporting? The video preview in my profile is correct, but when I download it doesn't work properly, it's missing a lot of frames. Any idea why?
@mrdobelina can you share that video on email: ? I'll have a look :)
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Great service! Congrats! πŸ‘
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Have been searching for a free, easy-to-use product solution like this! Can't wait to trial it out πŸ™Œ
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@lachlankirkwood Great! please give it a shot. If there is anything just let me know πŸ˜„
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I'd really like to use this before having to signup and hand over my email.
@ludodeangelis Sorry, but its allows me to store the rendered mockups to your account
@sahildeliwala1 Of course, but maybe after I mockup something and get hands on the product?
@ludodeangelis Just try this once. If there is anything let me now πŸ˜„ . However you can delete your account from your profile section at any time.
Congrats on the launch. Was looking for something like this. Would be great if you could add text next to the videos.
@ivandrag Thanks! You can actually upload background image with text as a background to the video. The video will be in the center of the background image.
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@sahildeliwala1 was thinking about adding text for different video screen. For example, creating an app video for Google Play where I can explain with some text and the video app, what it can do.
@ivandrag Yes that's a good feature. I'll try to add such functionality in future
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