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This is one of my favorite tumblr blogs. Also check out @s2imon's collection of clever UI's and patterns: http://thegodfounder.com/
Nice, wasn't following that one. Do these qualify as Products, @rrhoover? At the least, helpful for those building them.
@TMFelous - we define products broadly. This counts and is certainly of interest to this community. Most people are looking for interesting, brand new products but the lesser known gems like these are also welcome.
Is there any way to get tumblr updates via email? Don't see it offhand, but I'd love this in my rollup as opposed to Tumblr, which just isn't one of my daily destination sites. Edit: Just saw they have a weekly email. That'll do!
Hi @rrhoover, I've just seen this now. Thanks for the shoutout made the site come up along with Product Hunt in Zapier's post. :)