Litographs Tattoos

Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books (pre-launch)

Very creative and a fantastic conversation starter. Anyone know where we can get Product Hunt tattoos?
@rrhoover absolutely! They're aiming to get 2,500 Kickstarter backers to help reprint the entire text of Alice in Wonderland entirely on human bodies. If they're successful every individual tattoo will be photographed and uploaded here: – its a totally insane idea (but in the best possible way!)
@rrhoover Litographs founder @dannyfein is a fellow Product Hunter so he should be able to help you out and answer more questions.
@jonnym1ller thanks! @rrhoover we'd love to help you with some Product Hunt tattoos!
@dannyfein awesome! Will send you an email. :)
This is awesome! Backed. I wish I had seen the Seth Godin shirt one earlier, I'm meeting with him next and it would have been fun to consider wearing a shirt with his caricature on it... though I probably wouldn't have done it :) Wish I had made it for the $20 shirts on KS too (sold out)!