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ListenOnRepeat is an online music app featuring a huge amount of curated 24/7 music streams with a huge variety of genres and moods. Everything from 70s Rock to LoFi, Essential Folk to Old School Hip Hop, Classical Study to Metal - and everything in between!

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  • Joel GaribayDigital Marketing

    I am a web programmer and I see that the site has an excellent structure, both back-end and front-end.


    Shows an error in videos that are not configured to be viewed outside the YouTube platform.

    I would like to know how they will handle those error messages.

    I got the error, with the song: "Jeff Mills - The Bells"

    Error: The video owner has disabled their playback on other websites.

    Joel Garibay has used this product for one day.
  • Bon Henryk CoracheaMaking up for lost time.

    Great music streaming site with various amazing features!


    Some performance concerns here and there, but I do understand that this is a site in constant progress. Also a mobile app would be nice.

    I really like how the features make ListenOnRepeat more than just a YouTube video repeating site. You can heart songs and make playlists, listen to curated streams, as well as chat with other users from around the world. Plus there are more features to come, which will make ListenOnRepeat all the more awesome!

    Bon Henryk Corachea has used this product for one year.


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Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
Hey everyone, I'm one of the founders of ListenOnRepeat and I'd love to answer any questions you have here regarding the site, UX, underlying tech, product vision future etc! We're working on curating more streams at the moment, but if there are any genres you think are missing then feel free to post them up here and I'll add them to the todo. The product currently offers a huge array of curated 24/7 music streams (full list below), ability to favorite songs and create playlists, editorial content from our team covering trending music and algorithmic artist radio, which uses a proprietary ranking system to create an endless mix of music you're sure to love. Full hand-curated stream list: ○ LoFi Chill ○ Just Nightcore ○ Study Vibes ○ 24/7 Pop ○ Feel-Good Indie ○ Techo/House ○ EDM Mix ○ Classic Electronic ○ US Top 40 ○ JazzHop ○ Glitch Hop Gaming ○ 70s Rock ○ chilled.electronic ○ Guilty Pleasures ○ Metal Essentials ○ Essential Folk ○ Classical Study ○ Hanging Out ○ Fresh Hip Hop ○ Pure Goa Trance ○ Deep Tropical House ○ 80s Rock ○ LOR & Chill ○ Psytrance All Day ○ UK Top 40 ○ V A P O R W A V E ○ Just Country ○ Electro Swinging ○ Jazz, Blues, Brandy ○ Old School Hip Hop
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
To give a bit more information as to the tech stack powering ListenOnRepeat in case anyone is curious, we have a Typescript+React frontend, hooked into a thin(ish) Django layer piping commands to a Golang backend and microservice architecture, DynamoDB data storage with Redis caching via Elasticache (whole infrastructure is hosted on AWS via Elastic Beanstalk and EC2)!
Alex Sharp@ajsharp · Founder / CEO @ ShareSecret
@jfoulds Hi. I'm curious how you're dealing with rights management with labels and rights-owners without charging money.
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
Hey @ajsharp, we're powered by the YouTube content library which permits developers to embed YouTube media from legitimate labels and rights owners. We are fully DMCA compliant to ensure that we only use legitimate content on our platform, and artists are able to control how their media is displayed on ListenOnRepeat using the YouTube management system for their content library.
Igor Malchenko@imalchenko · Chief Operating Officer at GameTree
Have been using listenonrepeat to loop YouTube videos for quite a while (before discovering native YouTube repeat option), good to see you guys bringing in more stuff :)
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
Hey @imalchenko! We are lucky enough to have quite a loyal userbase from that functionality, we're trying to grow the site by introducing new music discovery and curation features now to ensure we remain relevant. Check out the streams and let me know what you think :)
Igor Malchenko@imalchenko · Chief Operating Officer at GameTree
@jfoulds already did, seems like this is my next go-to site to put background music on. Wish you luck guys!
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
@imalchenko Thanks so much for the kind words, hope we continue to impress :)
Robert Hopman@roberthopman · Dragon slayer & Developer.
Hey @jfoulds, I'm a listener :D. Just curious, how do you make money ?
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
Hey @roberthopman - great to meet you! We monetize via some banner advertisements on the site - but a big thing for us is that we never serve video or audio adverts. Nothing should interrupt your music experience! Similarly though, if you'd like to Adblock, that's fine with us. We understand and completely get that some people object to advertising tracking. In an ideal world, you'd whitelist us, but we'd prefer you chose to do that of your own volition, so we actually have on-site code which detects adblocks and *cleans up* the UI to remove the ad elements entirely if we detect an adblocker (adblockers actually do a pretty bad job chopping up the UI sometimes) - we'd prefer you have a great user experience even if you're blocking ads after all! =)
Robert Hopman@roberthopman · Dragon slayer & Developer.
and long term, what's the plan with making money? I'm more interested looking at it from a business perspective :)
Cody Hankins@chankins · CS Student | Stanford
This is awesome! Any plans for an Alexa skill sometime in the future?
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
@chankins Oooh, cool idea! Thanks for the kind words. Will have to check into Alexa development and get back to you =)
Charlie Benkendorf@cbenkendorf · Growth Marketer
I see that it pulls in videos from YouTube, inc Vevo channels. These channels normally have ads on them. How does LOR hide those ads / do that legally?
Joe FouldsHunter@jfoulds · Developer @ ListenOnRepeat
Hey @cbenkendorf - sorry for the delayed response on this, somehow the notification passed me by. ListenOnRepeat does not remove ads from YouTube content sources. This allows content owners to monetize their content through our platform, and is how we are able to operate legally