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Hey everyone! Chad from SumoMe here. I’m the CTO and we’re crazy excited to bring you the best list building tool in existence -- List Builder 3. Before I give a quick overview of List Builder 3, I wanted to mention we’re giving everyone on Product Hunt 20% off SumoMe Pro. Consider it thanks for all the support you all have given us through the past few years :) You’ll see the discount when you visit the List Builder 3 product page. Anyways, about List Builder 3. We spent about a year creating it, taking all the suggestions from our users and combining those with the newest tech we could find. Our goal was to create something that gave you more control with faster results. The final product hit that, and it’s something that will stand out from any other list building tool for years to come. Here’s what you can expect: Completely Customizable Popups: With the new drag and drop layout, you can add elements and move them anywhere to create the exact popup you want. Plus, we have dozens of pre-designed templates optimized to hit specific goals. Easy A/B Testing: You can test the words, images and offers on your popups to get more sales and subscribers. The tool is easy to use and built-in to List Builder 3. Advanced Visitor Targeting: Our new targeting UX helps show your most engaged visitors the right offer at the right time for more conversions. A Simplified Publishing Process: We created a five-step process to guide your from beginning to end on every popup you make. You’re guaranteed to create the perfect popup, every time. There’s a lot more to this tool, and you can read about it on the product homepage. But I really urge you to see it in action for yourself (we have a free version, but you should use that 20% off code and get SumoMe Pro). I just want to thank you all again for all the support you’ve given us as we’ve launched all our apps. Over 150,000 sites use SumoMe daily, and you all have been a big part of that. If you have any questions about List Builder 3 I’ll be here answering every single one of them. Thank you, Product Hunters!
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Great work, guys! I can't wait to play around with the drag and drop builder. :)
@thatbberg Thanks Brittany! Would love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to play around with it :D
Wooo, already getting pretty high conversions. This should make it easier to optimize and test different designs!
@wilsonhung Love it! Everything is completely customizable, too. And the A/B testing is slicker than ever :)
New drag and drop builder looks dope!
@cgimmer Thanks Chris! Pro tip: you can actually drag and drop stuff OUTSIDE the background to make cool 3D-looking effects. It's super fun to play around with.
Oooh drag and drop - that's impressive. Should be fun to test out.
@sol_orwell I'd really love to see what templates you create with drag and drop. Y'all always have cool stuff #cookielife