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Data for machine learning in 300+ languages πŸŒŽπŸ€“πŸ€–

#5 Product of the DayJune 20, 2019
Lionbridge’s 500,000+ annotators label your text, audio, image, and video data for machine learning. Using our custom-built platform, we can:
πŸ€– Create chatbot training data
πŸ–Ό Label images and video
😍 Build sentiment analysis datasets
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Source annotators from around the world
πŸ’¬ Improve machine translation
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How do you handle privacy issues with the data which is provided to you?
@imatincr Depending on the requirement we can either remove PII and other sensitive information through automated or manual preprocessing, or provide annotation services in secure facilities provided by us or on-site with the client.
In the on-site scenario, does that mean your team can bring a portable and self hosted version of the app with them so they get the full benefits of your work, and the client gets the security of knowing their data didn't leave their environment?
Hi everyone, we've been delivering ground truth data for NLP and computer vision applications to many of the largest tech companies in the world and we're excited to make these services accessible to anyone with a need for data creation or annotation services. We've recently invested in our entity annotation as well as text/audio/image categorization platforms (in addition to basically any other data sourcing and annotation task you can think of, just ask - we do anything from fairly simple remote microtasks to extremely complex NLP data tasks) and we'd love to offer you all some pilot projects to see how we can improve your ML model development! Any feedback is highly appreciated!
@charlywalther This is potentially really useful for us because we're the only survey platform to support the Welsh language and current NLP APIs we use don't support it. I can't see a list of 300 languages on your site though. Only this one ( Is there a complete list somewhere?
We support Welsh!:) Please feel free to reach out and our team will calibrate with you on how to best support the data needs for your survey platform! We only list the most common languages since otherwise the list would get way too long:) We do some rather obscure languages and even regional dialects... @iammarcthomas
@charlywalther Love that. There's a good community of people who will benefit from this. Will be in touch!
Hey this looks great, looking forward to trying it.
Love the data creation feature! Really valuable for datasets with missing features.
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