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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2016

With Linkpack you can save your links for later, read them and even have them narrated automatically! You links are always synced between the app and your Dropbox account, meaning that you can use your Mac or PC to organize them as files and folders.

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Linkpack lets you save web pages directly from your favorite browser (desktop or mobile) to your Dropbox. You can view and categorize them the way you want to and you can easily track your reading progress, listen to your saved articles and share folders of links (called Linkpacks) with the world. Your links are always in sync between the app and your Dropbox account, meaning you can use your Mac or PC to organize them as files and folders. You can also add links using the iOS or the Chrome extensions. Read your links using Readability view and let Linkpack track your progress, so that you can continue from where you left off. You can even enable narration and have the content read back to you while you are on the move. Finally, if you want to share a Linkpack with the world, the app will generate a unique URL that displays all the links in a beautiful page! If you are into reading online, this is for you!
@phaistonian Hey george, Great app I downloaded it, But I believe if you implemented in-page search , which means I can search for a specific content inside the pages I already stored , It would be really useful ..... wish you best of luck
@hammouriomg Thank you Omar! We have already considered adding both in-page search and offline support in a future update, but they are just not our top priority at the moment as far as new features are concerned. :)
@stelabouras @phaistonian wish you best of luck :)
i think this service is only useful if you are a major link collector. other basic bookmarking services should be enough (evernote, kifi...)
@ourielohayon Yes, Linkpack makes it easier to organize a large number of links and you are also able to share a collection of them with your friends with just a tap. We do plan to add more exciting features down the line, so stay tuned :)
I like the idea of bundling links too! As @itsdavelux mentioned, would be cool to have this available for collaborating. So the rest of the Product Hunt team could contribute so some categories we build out links for. Tagging is one of those 'un-sexy' things that is essential and the need for it becomes more and more. The build up of historical things (photos, links, articles etc) happens so quickly and the thought of going back to tag things is frightening! Doing it as you go along makes a lot of sense. Wondering if there would be anyway to dump previous links (from Pocket for example) and recommend groupings for them based on keywords, etc. That would be super cool - thinking a bit ahead here ;) @stelabouras
@bentossell You are right Ben, collaboration is a really helpful feature and we are already thinking of how this can work in the scope of Linkpack. We also do plan to implement import functionality in a future update, so that you can get your links from Pocket and other services inside Linkpack (and your Dropbox account).
@bentossell @itsdavelux I had this story come up in my Product Hunt newsletter. I'm an avid Pocket and Slack user as well. I think what @stelabouras has built is really great (I've downloaded the app) and I'm enjoying it. At my company we share a lot of links, most of the time they get lost in the noise once other conversations commence right after a link is shared. So we built an app on ReactJS which is essentially Pocket for Teams with Slack + Pocket integration. Check it out here: It allows you to create your own teams and invite your colleagues to collaborate and help you save, share, and organize links amongst yourselves and other teams you are part of. And with the help of a Chrome extension you can save links accordingly to separate teams and tag them at the same time. Our app has read/unread states so you can action on links one by one or in bulk. We also just released push and pull integration with Slack on pubic channels. So if you are on a free account on Slack, you can safely have all of your links ever shared on a channel to be "backed" up and tagged into our app. Please note I have no intention of hijacking this thread and promoting our product, but there seems to be interest around what we offer. There are a lot of competitors in this space. To be honest, we built this product for ourselves and for the rest of the startups in our incubator to use as it seemed to be a growing problem. Our app is free and will most likely remain free forever. We have built a Mac App (with offline reading support) which is currently in beta. An iOS/Android hybrid app using React Native is in the works as well.
Thanks George for hunting Linkpack :) Hello Product Hunters! Stelios, developer of Linkpack here. Linkpack is an iOS app (+ a Chrome extension) that lets you save links for later using your Dropbox account as storage! You can read your link in-app, listen to them and track your reading progress. You can also organize those links into folders called Linkpacks and share them with the world with just one tap! We have a lot of things coming up for Linkpack in the next updates and I am really happy to answer any questions that you may have :) Cheers!
@stelabouras What was the problem you had for having to create this product? Other solutions exists, how do you differentiate from the herd? (Love the concept, just plain simple)
@tsunaze Great question Pierre! Here's a short story of how the Linkpack app came to be: I was a heavy Instapaper user myself and after having massive amount of links saved into my account, I had a really hard time organizing them into folders / searching them, so I started just drag'n'dropping urls from the browser to folders in my Desktop. After having created a lot of folders with .url and .webloc files I just wanted to be able to access them from all my machines, so I just moved those folders to Dropbox. Then I noticed that I couldn't read those links in my iOS devices, so that's how the Linkpack idea was created :) There are already some pretty well-established read-later apps on the market, but Linkpack takes a slightly different approach: It's not only a read-later app. It lets you save any link you find on the web (whether this is an article or not) and if this happens to be an article you get to see how much time it will take to read it and also the option to have the article read back to you with Narration. The key difference with the rest of the read-later services is that you can save a bunch of links in a folder (let's say you collect 10 links regarding SpaceX) and share those links with just one tap, by creating a unique Linkpack for you! No more copy-pasting links over and over in the chat windows ;)
@stelabouras "you can save a bunch of links in a folder (let's say you collect 10 links regarding SpaceX) and share those links with just one tap, by creating a unique Linkpack for you! No more copy-pasting links over and over in the chat windows ;)" OMG, I should've continue working on this app, I had the same idea. Because I wanted to share AirBnb places, but in one link. But the "read back to you" feature is a great idea. Thanks for the answer.
@tsunaze You can create an Airbnb folder in Linkpack and save those links to it, then tap on the share button et voilà! :)
I really like the idea of linkpacks in order to share a bunch of links to your friends/team, that's the thing I was missing on pocket. It would be great if the shared links would be dynamic not just a static image of the current state, means if I add a link, the linkpack I shared automatically updates. Another cool thing for the future would be, if more people could work on one list (e.g. two co-founders sharing links about funding) - but I guess this would collide with the dropbox functionality? - which is a smart approach though to outsource the storage to the user. Overall I absolutely like your product (already using it) and with your features you're making sure that pocket can't just outplay you. Looking forward to follow your development :)
@itsdavelux Great suggestions David! Yes, having the Linkpack page change while you are adding/removing links in your Dropbox folder is one of the features we already have on our roadmap. The collaboration is also something we are thinking of implementing, and while Dropbox doesn't let App subfolders to be shareable between Dropbox users at the moment, there are ways of working around this limitation. Thank for your feedback!