Lightr Smart Charger is a tiny and portable smart charger. Lightr is combination of size and power. Lightr gives cableless solution to the old problem of charging. Its tiny silhouette makes it perfectly portable as it fits into your smallest pocket.

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15 Reviews5.0/5
Amazing idea already ordered one, can’t wait to have and test the product
When is ti going live on Indiegogo?
Does it provide fast charging?
@mane_gharibyan Unfortunately no. We support the standard charge current (1.1A, 5V). For this version of Lightr this was the safest solution.
@gurgen_hakobyan1 And how long will it take to fully charge my phone?
@mane_gharibyan It depends on the phone model you use
Cool idea to have charger which can be fit in small pocket and connected to device without wires. Good luck!
@albertshepherdson We are happy that you like it! Thanks!