Collect dogs by staying productive

Lightdogs is a collectibles game powered by a focus timer. It's designed to be the funnest focus timer ever! Earn points by unplugging, and use them to collect, evolve, and breed genetically-engineered super dogs.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Cam, the founder of Sapien, the startup behind Lightdogs. I love my phone. I see it as a loyal sidekick, and I'm continually amazed by the way it augments my brain. But I've also found it really hard to not let it be a constant interruption and general time sink. The average smartphone user in America spends over 5 hours a day on their mobile devices (, and almost all of that time goes to unproductive apps. That's 1/3rd of our waking hours, every single day! Lots of us feel really bad about that, but it can be bafflingly hard to unplug. The things we do on our smartphones are addictive, and for most, will power alone isn't enough to find balance. Humans are really bad at passing up short-term pleasure for long-term benefits. The idea behind Lightdogs is to create short-term pleasure that ALIGNS with your long-term benefit. We use the brain hacks of gamification and virtual pets to supplement your willpower and help you unplug when you want. I'd really love to hear any ideas you have for how we could make the app more motivating. What can we do that would help you unplug more often?
I know you want ta corgi, @suzywillow.
@suzywillow @rrhoover This is our corgiest breed, a mix between a Flurry and a Lohound!
@emilyjsnowdon just incase you are on the lookout for a new app to help stayed focused.
Wow the 3d models are really nice. What's the story behind the company, @camcrain? Is this your first product? What's the long term vision?
@julien_c Thanks, Julien! Our 3D artist, David Beran, is a super talented guy and really brought the vision to life. Sapien is a young company, about a year old, and this is our first product. Our mission is to make consumer tech that increases human fulfilment. A lot of what we think about is how to align short-term interests with long-term interests. I think that's the biggest bottleneck for fulfilment, all the short-term temptations that make us act against our own interests. In this case, we're using virtual pets as the short-term reward that helps you unplug so you can spend your time in ways you won't regret. We're focused on Lightdogs for now, but have some other stuff percolating that we're really excited about. As for the vision for Lightdogs, we want to build it out into a feature-rich focus timer, add more breeds (and different species), and make the creatures more interactive. Eventually, we'd like to use different inputs to grow your collection, like exercise and meditation!
Cute but will there be an Android version?
@anna_0x Hopefully soon! When we start to gain some traction on iOS we'll expand into Android.
@camcrain cool! I really like Tamagotchis, this style of graphics and I’m always looking for productivity apps so this seems like a great match 😆👍🏻 Hope to see you in the play store soon
@anna_0x Haha, awesome. See you there!