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A new platform for independent artists, everywhere. In beta.

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A simple and easy way for artists to release their music on major music services without any upfront charges, contracts or distribution fees while retaining 100% of their rights and royalties.




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thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
Hi PH community! We are excited to share with you an early beta release of Level, a new global distribution platform for independent musicians. Our team spent countless hours speaking to musicians from all over the world to understand their challenges and needs as they pursue their creative vision and build a career. It’s been an amazing experience and beyond rewarding hearing the feedback from some of tomorrow’s brightest creators. We understand there are a lot of great products out there to support artists’ needs around music distribution, but we also know there is a lot of room for improvement. While we may not have all the answers now, we’re focused on building the right product brick by brick alongside the music community. Today's release is focused on providing a simple and frictionless way for artists to get their music out to all of the major music services while getting essential performance analytics, a dedicated support team and an easy way to get paid for their work via PayPal. And by frictionless, we mean making it free during this beta phase and plan on having a free version. That means no fees, surcharges, and artists keep 100% of their royalties. We believe in creating valuable features and products that the community will be proud to pay for in the future. In tandem with this release, we’re also launching a community program called Open Sessions (https://levelopensessions.com) down at SXSW allowing for registered users to book free studio time during music week. Space will be limited but our intention is to roll out this program in future cities and communities. The beta (https://beta.levelmusic.com) is currently available via invite only but for everyone here you can use this invite code: TEAMLEVEL2018 to gain access. We'd love your feedback and are looking forward to hearing what you create! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V.1 Release: + A simple and fast way to release music to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, TIDAL, Pandora and Napster. More services will be added in the future + No upfront charges or fees. Keep 100% of your rights, royalties, and earnings + Automatic notifications about the progress of your releases and help from our dedicated Support team + Track your performance with simple trend analytics + Get paid easily through PayPal + Intelligent landing pages that route fans to their preferred music service
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch, @itsthanh and team. I'm admittedly not familiar with this space. How are artists distributing their music across all platforms today?
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
@rrhoover thanks man! There's definitely already some solid options in this space for artists to purely distribute their music but distribution is really just the foundation. The goal is to build a larger suite of tools for artists not just to get their music out there but also be able to effectively promote it, manage their finances and understand their audiences so they can build their own version of success. We're seeing a lot of these things pop up as one-offs but it'd be valuable if they can get it all in one place where everything holistically ties together. For example, we're providing automated landing pages for every release; that artists can use to promote their music. The goal is to have the tools and features scale in tandem with their career.
J.D. Lindsay
J.D. Lindsay@kopahkah
@itsthanh Love what you're trying to do. The biggest difficulty for startups is in this space is that most musicians are not "rolling in it", and careful where they spend their money. 😜 Taking the free angle will at least tell you how many people are interested. I'm switching from Landr right now as paying hundreds of dollars a year to keep my Spotify releases active is a real pain
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
@kopahkah Thank you!
Sam Zwart
Sam Zwart@gonovavfx
Holy cow, this is amazing! I'm excited to see where this platform goes, but as an independent musician, I'm definitely going to try this.
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
@gonovavfx glad you're digging it Sam. Thank you.
Rowan Doutré Jones
Rowan Doutré Jones@rdoutrejones · Co-Founder, Cancer Spot/FullTime Student
Just signed up for the beta! So far, I'm very impressed. Excited for you future
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
@rdoutrejones thank you!
Sam Sexton
Sam Sexton@samsexton · Email Specialist
This is the sort of thing i've been looking for. As I write an record my first EP distribution like this is going to be really important to me. Now I can focus on geting someone to listen!
thanh nguyen
thanh nguyenMaker@itsthanh · Culture & Tech
@samsexton looking forward to hearing your release Sam!