Super affordable prescription lenses, without leaving home 🤓

Convenient Online Lens Replacement Service. Get the high-quality lenses (all types, including blue light lenses) you need directly from our certified lab. Send us your frames and we'll do the rest. Starting at $77.

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Have you ever scratched the lens in your favorite frame? Your prescription changed but you weren't in a position to afford an entire new pair of glasses from your Optometrist? Have an awesome tortoise frame you want to add green mirror lenses to but don't know where to go? Lensabl was built to offer consumers an easier and MUCH more affordable way to get the lenses they need (prescription or non) in the frames they love. The days of two week waits for doctor appointments and $500 receipts are over. Lensabl services any brand of frames with any lens you want, starting at just $77 (shipping included). Does Lensabl sound like a service that could make your life easier and save you a few bucks?
@andybilinsky can you modify Spectacles with prescription lenses?
@esbvn yes you can. I'm doing it today.
@prsarahevans @esbvn Hey Sarah, let us help out!
@andybilinsky @esbvn okay! Fill me in on next steps.
@prsarahevans @esbvn www.lensabl.com/choose-my-lenses Then select the lenses you want and enter your rx. Checkout and use code CLEARY25 for 25% off your first purchase. We will send you a box with a pre-paid shipping label to pack your Spectacles (or any frame) into and you'll send it in to our lab. We will cut your rx lenses and place them into the frames and send them right back to you. If you have any issues or questions, email me at andy@lensabl.com. Thanks!
This is literally the service I need. I found one for contacts but not glasses yet. Whenever I take an old prescription to the optometrist, they don't want to match the prescription without a vision test. Every time I take a vision test, I get different results. Hence, different glasses!! Thanks for building this @andybilinsky
@davidsfeng Thanks David! We wanted to build a platform that gave you the all the lens options and helped guide you to the right one for you, without charging you a ton of money and forcing you to pay for other services you don't need! Make sure to use code CLEARLY25 for 25% off your first order and feel free to email me at andy@lensabl.com if you have any questions
Looking forward to see you in Germany 🤓
I ruined a pair of lenses from Walmart in around 6 months. I decied to give this company a shot even though they had some bad reviews. Everyone needs to take into consideration on how long a standard eyeglass company takes to get your glasses done. Around 2 weeks is what it takes from the time you get your exam to the day you put the glasses on your face. Lensabl did it in this amount of time or maybe faster, they sent me a box and I shipped my glasses at no cost to me, within 2 weeks they sent me my glasses back with my old lenses in a bag, a new case, and cleaning products. This company rocks!

Easy to give life to some old frames I had laying around. I was able to send in the frames and get them back quickly with my new prescription and blue light blocking added on.


- Quality - Customer Service - Easy process


Happy w/ the overall process, so nothing to add yet