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Lemon is a marketplace of vetted developers for early-stage startups. You know the deal — we’re anal about vetting and matching talent from Eastern Europe with your early-stage startup. A twist? Our rates make sense and we’re fighting the same fight.
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all are either Ukrainian accounts or fresh accounts here.
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@jameswalter5 you are right. We've reached to both developers and startups (clients). Most of engineers in our platform are located in Ukraine. Some of our clients shared their experience too. For more reviews you can go to https://www.trustpilot.com/revie... https://www.g2.com/products/lemo... https://clutch.co/profile/lemonio
With all respect for the design and launch - i personally felt like Lemon.io is a scam. I contacted them a few months ago, scheduled a call, talked to a Lemon rep which said she's gonna get back to me. She didn't get back to me, didn't respond to my emails, additionally I started getting dozens of spam email from random people asking me if I need web design services! WTF.
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@yanay_prop thank you for your feedback. I just checked with Kate and she indeed didn't get back to you. And you were not the only one who had such an experience. When we launched with our COVID initiative, we got so many requests, that our sales system just broke. We couldn't process it even though Kate worked almost 24/7. Now it's better, we've added more people to help with new requests. Nevertheless, we've never shared information about our customers or leads with anyone. Those most likely were cold emails and we have nothing to do with this. I'm very sorry for your experience, it's 100% our fault. To make it up to you, we'll donate $50 in your name to any charity of your choice and post a screenshot here.
@yanay_prop Hi Yanay! Kate here. The one who didn’t get back to you back in April. Once again, I want to say how sorry I am that we let you down back then. I sent you an email, please, let me know if we can make it up to you somehow.
@yanay_prop, there's two replies and an offer to get some coin to a charity. @volodarik, well done on the response.
@volodarik Thanks for getting back to me! I appreciate the honesty yet I still don't think the spam emails are a coincidence - maybe I'm wrong... At any case, you can donate money to WORCA if you like: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/...
@yanay_prop I want to ensure you, that selling client information is not our business. We are very careful about this I've gladly donated $50 to WORCA https://prnt.sc/t49s0o I hope we can work in the future.
Hey hunters! Before I begin to tell you the story of my life, if you don’t care, just scroll to the end — we have a cool special offer. So, this is me — Aleks, the co-founder of Lemon.io here. It’s not the first time we meet on ProductHunt. A couple of years ago we launched under a different brand — Coding Ninjas . We’ve gone a long way from there, and at some point, we’ve felt that our old brand didn’t represent well who we are, so we decided it’s time our outer looks represent our inner world. We’ve had to admit that the thing we do best is finding the people who perform best working with early-stage startups. We also realized we know how to keep the rates affordable for everyone trying to build their MVPs, struggle to deliver new features on time, for the short-handed CTOs who spend their 80 hour work weeks and the non-tech founders with great ideas. That’s how Lemon came to life. We’ve reimagined both our product and brand, matching years of experience working with freelance developers with what startups actually need and expect from the people they work with. You’re not just building a business — you’re building a cult. We see that. I probably don’t have to tell you about the rest, but just in case: Lemon offers startups part- and full-time freelance developers on-demand. All developers have to go through a series of interviews and tests to prove their previous experience, coding, and communicational skills and English proficiency. Our prices generally are in the range of $30 - $55 / hour and depend on the duration and complexity of the project, as well as the tech stack you need. Compared to our biggest and most well-known competitor, our prices are up to 41% lower. There are two major reasons we are able to keep them that low: 1. We have a small agile team of resourceful people. We do more with less and have fun along the way. Being small and fully distributed, we keep our overheads low. 2. We only work with developers from Eastern Europe, mainly from Ukraine. The cost of living and average hourly rates here are lower. That allows us to keep the prices for startups lower and rates for developers higher than the market average. I’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding our process, product, team, freelancers rebranding — anything :) Oh, and about the Product Hunt offer! To be honest, at first, we wanted to go with a classy $100 welcome bonus, but then we thought that 2020 is the time when we all donate every extra buck, so here’s what we’ll do instead: we will donate $100 to the charity of your choice under your name every week you work with one of our part or full-time developers until the end of 2020. So $2500 by the end of the year towards the cause you care for if you start today.
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I'm in love with the new branding!
@druh_opryshok Thank you so much. We love you back!
Love the new look! Keep on rockin'!
@tetiana_vlasova thanks for the feedback! credits to our awesome designers team ;)
@tetiana_vlasova thanks for your support, really appreciate it!