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Follow friends' netflix binges, music streams, restaurants, movies, products, and more. See how they rate things, from dead to me to legit.
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Hello everyone. This has been a fun side project for Alex and I. We've had a blast using it with friends and wanted to share more broadly. Legit was born from repeatedly having the "What new shows have you seen?" convo. We took that concept and expanded the categories to "What new X have you Y'd?". Kinda like if Instagram and Yelp had a baby, and Wunderlist raised it. On Legit you can follow friends and subscribe to their lists of restaurants, movies, tv shows, music, podcasts, products, or custom lists all in one place, and see how they rate things from "dead to me" to "legit". We know the social category is hard. Reviews are hard. Ok, lists are easy. But they're all fun. Don't forget fun, people! Thanks for tuning in. Come get Legit.
@christeso love the logo, love the design, missing the webapp :/ . still definitely gonna try it! ( imdb import? ) .
@pedro_abreu1 Thanks for the love! We do have a web (view only) version of the app. You can see my lists here https://getlegit.app/user/chris/ Import from other sources (there are a ton) is something we're considering.
@christeso well, these days importing can be a bit tricky and its never top priority, mas a google chrome add one that let us go to a specific place on legit ( on imdb, a movie page ) its useful :) . i know this is you app and its not to replace anything, but its been years since Listal needs a challenger!
Reminds me a bit of The List App (RIP).
@rrhoover With two important key distinctions: 1. I'm not B. J. Novak 2. We probably won't be on the Colbert show
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.
@the_realbobbyb Thanks! We do too!
can´use it on my country :(
Why would this not be available in all countries?
@richard_mulholland its weird that this kind of app is country restricted...
@pedro_abreu1 yeah it really does seem strange, it's just a checkbox that needs to be checked too. I guess the devs just don't care enough.
@pedro_abreu1 @richard_mulholland Hey, for some reason we restricted it a while ago. TBH we can't really recall why but must have had some reason. Anyway, we've opened it up to all countries now. Thanks for highlighting this.