The List App

Create lists about anything, by B.J. Novak & Devin Flaherty

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Wait. You're telling me @bjnovak created an app, and it's not!?
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@apitt24 Damn it you got there before me
@brianp introduced me to @bjnovak ~6 months ago when he was visiting SF and we met nearby Product Hunt HQ to chat about his new project. I love how general the app is, giving room for creativity but still constrained to the popular and well understood list format. They have some awesome publications like The Onion, Wired, NYT, and others on board (although missing listicle leader, Buzzfeed! cc @mat). Here’s my first list of favorite podcasts. P.S. @bjnovak is doing a LIVE Chat in a few weeks. Subscribe here.
Expandable content. Existing interesting network. Low friction. Consumable bits of information. Great work @bjnovak. You should be proud.
@j_hnshin Seriously! BJ and co. really nailed a lot of the trickier (and non-obvious) parts of launching an app. Really impressed.
Reminds me of Pocket, in that it lets me create my own personal "library" and offload things from my memory to something that's effortless to 'remember' and will last forever. Added to my collection The Collections Collection :)