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Hey guys, Lean Domain Search's founder here. I'm really excited to see it featured on Product Hunt today. Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations on how to make it better.
Great idea, good work @mhmazur!
This is really pretty... moreover, it feels pretty comprehensive. Have you considered using Google trends to look for spikes in searches for terms (such as when we invent a new word, or coin a new term) and using the registration data you have to build an automatic meta-domain-camper that buys the .com's before the words themselves become popular? Not saying you should, as this would make everyone sad... but that's the first monetization model that comes to mind.
In the past Lean Domain Search made money in two ways: affiliate commission and premium upgrades. For the premium upgrades, you would be able to see some search results for free without an account (about 150) but you'd have to sign up for a paid account to view them all ($79 for two months access and $199 for yearly access). However, in June 2013 Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, acquired Lean Domain Search and we made it completely free so there's no longer any pressure to monetize it. It is and will continue to be 100% free. Enjoy! :)
@Sakthi Are you fooling around with Product hunt? // @realsakthi I posted this link earlier today, the form failed to submit so I refreshed the page and pressed submit again. Instead of me posting this link, you had posted this URL in the 1-2 min in between. My original post was changed in the first upvote. Looking at your user number you must have registered for producthunt only recently. (maybe at the same time of posting). You had no avatar at the time of posting. Please clarify?
@nickdemey Hey nick We are currently testing a new feature on Product Hunt but we are yet doing an horrible job in explaining it. @realsakthi posted this submission a few days ago but wasn't whitelisted for posting, so it went into our moderation queue. When you posted it we attributed that hunt to the earliest submitter (him). The main idea of this feature is to allow more people submitting products without loosing the current quality we have because of whitelisted posters like you. As said before we are doing yet an horrible job explaining well what actually happens - will definitely improve here. Also happy to hear your thoughts on this feature concept in general. Also feel free to email me -> andreas@producthunt.co
@andreasklinger Ok, makes sense. I've been using Lean Domain Search for months and just noticed I never submitted it to PH. I was quite surprised that someone else would have posted this at the exact same moment. Thanks for the info.
@andreasklinger I'd noticed this - the first few times I just thought I'd been marginally pipped to the post, then I realised it was more like the hunts were being 'held' but my attempt to post them was pushing them through. I didn't know it was because the original poster wasn't whitelisted, but I do like this feature!
Just tried using it and got an error because I used numbers as a keyword. While numbers aren't often used, they should be available as search terms.
@SacBookReviewer In general I recommend avoiding numbers because it's hard for people to remember whether they should use a number (Radian3.com) or spell it out (RadianThree.com). As far as Lean Domain Search goes, eliminating numbers reduces the search space which is one of the ways it's able to return results as quickly as it does.
@mhmazur When I am looking for a domain with numbers, I try and buy both (number and spelled out). I just happened to be looking at one of those when I tried it first. My second try came up good. (You may want to mention the numbers issue on the splash screen so it doesn't just come up as an error without warning.) But nice system.