Complex automation made easy, and with no code

#1 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2019
Easily transfer data & trigger actions across all the apps you use 🤩
- Drag & drop editor
- Build multi-step automations
- Collaborate in realtime
- Ensure data consistency across apps
- Use workflows that other members have built & “open sourced”
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Thanks @nickabouzeid for hunting us! 😸 Hi Product Hunt, super excited to be on here today and to show you all what's possible with Leadgem 🤩 There are already some great questions in the comments below, but I also wanted to highlight some core values of Leadgem here: We’re building a community - There's a future where literally anybody can feel like an engineer. Leadgem has a marketplace component where users can open source and share their workflows with each other, and also make requests for workflows. We want to make your team more collaborative - There are tons of SaaS apps your team is probably using, and it can get hard to keep track of how data and workflows should align (for example, marketing to sales handoff). Our collaborative editor and workflow monitoring dashboards solve that, and gives all orgs w/in a company visibility into how other teams are using different apps. We care about great design - As a developer-turned-designer, I’ve come to appreciate how great UX design can elevate any product, especially one that gives people new superpowers. That's why with Leadgem, we want our users to feel like they can open our product and "get it". While we do have tutorials, the goal is for users to feel comfortable enough to not have to read them in order to get up and running! Tysm for reading! Feel free to ping me on Twitter or sara@leadgem.co if you have any thoughts, questions, or want to do ☕️
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Nice. But what separates you from zapier.com?
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@dimansny1 Really good question! We're focused on making it a lot easier to create multi-step workflows, especially ones that span across different teams. It's a lot easier for a marketer and salesperson to collaborate and see data flows in Leadgem than it is with Zapier currently. Take a look at some of the flows we've put in the examples above for reference :)
@sierra what makes your workflows easier? Are these differences that Zapier should/could adopt?
@chrismessina Hi Chris, thanks for asking! We're letting our users build much more complex workflows than what you could currently do with Zapier (think multi-step, multi-branch, tons of data manipulation functions). This is useful for startups, big teams, and people who need more than just a two-step automation. Not all Zapier users are power users of automated workflows, so this isn't necessarily for them. Zapier is still great for setting up if-this-then-that processes for automating the simple tasks in your life.
This looks very useful and well executed! Small feedback: the text in the screenshots on your usecases page is too small to read - I'd suggest removing some of the border around the images and making the text and icons bigger :)
@alxcnwy Thx for pointing it out, will adjust it, sorry about that!
Have been beta testing Leadgem and loving how easy it is to use. Great design with a lot of functionality!
How do you compare with Parabola 2.0?
@juhaszhenderson Great q! We're a lot more focused on workflow automation, particularly for marketing and sales right now. So that means we have a lot more integrations w/ marketing and sales tools and also allow teams to have these workflows running as background processes / allow them to monitor their data while these workflows are running.