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Wart@wartsky · Founder @ LeadBoxer
Hey there Product Hunt! We’ve built LeadBoxer to help you gain insight into your website visitors - taking anonymous users and turning them into a ranked list of companies and contacts. These leads are then ranked by the LeadBoxer leadscore. This score is customizable meaning you can tailor it to your business. we have an API and Zapier and Segment integration to support many of the modern web tools. I hope you enjoy using it and feedback / ideas are welcome.
Timan Rebel@timanrebel · Co-founder at NEXT
Testing it right now!
Alex KehrHunterHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@timanrebel It's definitely pretty fun (and useful) to get this detailed snapshot of your website visitors!
Alessio Delmonti@alexintosh · Full stack startup unicorn
@timanrebel How is it?
Timan Rebel@timanrebel · Co-founder at NEXT
@alexintosh it is collecting data now. We don't have a real high volume website. Know the guys since Rockstart Accelerator class of 2014 and they're really great
Alessio Delmonti@alexintosh · Full stack startup unicorn
My feedback so far, I'm gonna test the product itself asap. I find the homepage very cryptic, couldn't really understand what the product was about until reading the "Features" page.
Wart@wartsky · Founder @ LeadBoxer
@alexintosh Ok, thanks for the feedback. LeadBoxer helps companies to find targeted leads by automated lead generation. Using LeadBoxer, our customers are able to identify visitors on their websites and track user engagement over time. Our state-of-the-art algorithms help turn big data into actionable data - enabling you to make more informed, strategic business decisions. Hope this helps !