Lead Hound

Put your prospecting and outreach on autopilot.

Lead Hound is prospecting and outreach done for you, it automates that process for you — enabling you to focus on what's important.

It's your own "sales team", we'll take care of generating leads based on your ideal customer, reaching out to them with highly personalized emails optimized for increased conversion rates and also following-up.

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Interesting idea, but has not been described fully. What is going to be the source for cold emailing ?
@v4us You mean the leads? The leads will be generated by us, personally, based on the customers ideal prospect.
I've seen other variations of sales outsourcing. One company that recently raised a seed round takes a software approach to empowering its team to work more efficiently and scale its operations. How are you thinking about this, @stefanmiodrag?
@rrhoover I think that automated prospecting and outreach lacks, it's not personalized and I don't think any system can do what a human is capable of. So for now, this is all manual labor. I believe that's the only way to handle it.
@stefanmiodrag Congrats on launching!
@juhaszhenderson Thank you! 😄
@juhaszhenderson @stefanmiodrag Watch out, this guy will try to copy your product 😆
Hello everyone, This is my 1st product I've launched. I've struggled with launching (like we've all done at some point) I told myself to make and launch something within 1 month and I made it! Introducing Lead Hound, prospecting and outreach done for you. I've already had some people email me asking for more information or to setup calls. If you have any questions and don't feel like spending time writing an email, go ahead and ask me in the comments. I'd be more than glad to answer them 😄
Hi, Stefan. If a business hires a team, will that team be exclusive for that business? Or will the members of the team work with multiple business? Can you say more about how your teams will manage workload over time?
@s_narmadhaa Right now, it's only me and a couple of others that will handle all of the work. But when the workload increases we'll hire people to manage each company's prospecting and outreach.