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Hey ProductHunters, Dharmesh here. Lately we’ve been working on making our free lead capture product, Leadin, much more lightweight and streamlined. We’ve just released Lead Flows, which distills what used to be a pretty cumbersome lead conversion process into a simple, all-in-one widget. What’s great about Lead Flows is that the whole lead conversion process (Blog Post > CTA > Landing Page > Form > Thank You Page > Content) now takes place in one friendly little corner of your website page. Lead Flows puts your CTA, form, and deliverable all in the same little popup widget. No clicking around, no creating new pages, no long, drawn-out process between “ask” and “receive.” Lead Flows makes it easier to measure and manage your leads, too. Once a lead is converted on your website, you can track their page view and form submission history, learn more about their interests, and nurture them further along with your preferred email service provider. Lead Flows can be triggered by page scroll, time delay, and exit intent, and can appear as a dropdown banner, page overlay, or slide-in box. We’d love your feedback on this powerful new way of capturing leads on your website. The makers that worked on Lead Flows are ready and waiting to reply to your comments and questions. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers.
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@dharmesh Wow, you guys at Hubspot Rock! These free products are incredible. Well done Dharmesh. I get along well with some of the Hubspot guys here in Sydney. If you ever come to Sydney I would love to meet you!
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@dansiepen Thanks for the kind words. Most of the team for Leadin as out of our Dublin office. Those folks are amazing. And yes, I do have plans to visit Sydney within the next year.
@dharmesh Fantastic features for a free service. Thanks!
@dharmesh Tell me how Leadin will work with my CRM and other #DemandGen tools like @socedo
@dobbsshow @dharmesh @socedo Hey Gary - leadin works with HubSpot CRM, making it easy for leads your site captures to flow smoothly into your CRM. If you use something besides HubSpot CRM, then you can easily export/import leads at your convenience!
This is really cool! I love the fact that we can learn more about a lead's engagement through the tool. Would love to test this against a traditional landing page.
@donte_ll We're testing that out as well - so far Lead Flows are performing better, but there are still use cases for more permanent landing pages. Would love to talk about any findings you have!
@katboyarsky Will definitely report back to you after trying.
@donte_ll Specifically, Lead Flows are better performing by 699% with 100% confidence in our tests so far ;) Not just a little better, but A LOT better!
@nicholasholland Interesting! Sounds promising. I think you're setting the bar way too high. ;-)
@dharmesh It is one of the missing features from hubspot. We are using several different apps and connectors to get this shit done, which is costing us $50 easily. Free lead capturing is actually paid for us today. Having said that "whole lead conversion process (Blog Post > CTA > Landing Page > Form > Thank You Page > Content) now takes place in one friendly little corner of your website page" will solve lot of our problem. I love the fact that I get to see the customer engagement. I will put it on my blog (blog.vizury.com) right now! Woooooo... Going live with it.
Hi @nishant_k_gupta - we've just added the ability to add Lead Flows to your existing HubSpot account! You can check out the details here - http://leadin.hubspot.com/knowle... Let us know what you think, and if you have any issues.
@nishant_k_gupta Thanks for giving it a shot. In my (biased) opinion, this kind of "flow" is much, much better for the end user. Simple and smooth with minimum friction.
@snappiet @dharmesh @nishant_k_gupta Hey! This is a true blessing! But one question, where do I activate workflow for it? How do I send an instant email to someone who fills this form? What is the form named as? What property does it sit under? I know that's a lot of questions, just excited to launch it now.
Hi @nam, I can shine some light on that. List segmentation and workflow triggers for lead flows is coming very soon to HubSpot. We're working on the final pieces as we speak and should have it in your hands shortly. We were very eager to get lead flows into everyone's hands so didn't want to delay any longer :)
@shay_redmond Hey Shay! So, tried it on our blog. I don't understand why a user has to take 2 clicks to download a small ebook. Is it possible to have the form upfront and on hitting the "download" button, have the ebook (open in a new tab or download it)? Are we missing something or is it built that way? Also, are there any design options for the background of the pop up? I thought since it is from Hubspot, it would be way cooler than Hellobar.
I'm a fan. Some of my prospect inquires turn out to be folks who need a simple, direct way to capture leads & deliver content. Lead Flows is ideal for these marketers & their prospects.
Hi @dharmesh This is an incredible piece of Design and Engineering. Kudos to the Design team at HubSpot, I simply love it. Just a quick think: I'm a Security junkie, so my unique advice is to use HTTPS for the platform.
Thanks @marcosluis2186! We're proud of what we've built and have much more to come. I'm a bit of a security junkie too, so I believe I've used HTTPS throughout when building Leadin - if you've found somewhere I've missed, I'd love to hear about it.
@snappiet by default, the platform use http://leadin.hubspot.com. It would be nice to use HTTPS in all cases. The trick could be solved using Strict Transport Security (HSTS). BTW, amazing work with your SSL conf: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/...
@marcosluis2186 Ah, I see what you mean. That's actually our marketing site, but I'll work to get that on HTTPS also. Our application is hosted on app.hubspot.com, which is entirely HTTPS. Thanks for the heads up!
@snappiet my pleasure to help.