Lawn Love

Lawn care and maintenance at the push of a button.

#5 Product of the DayJuly 25, 2014

Lawn Love is a modern, high-tech lawn care service. Get an instant, accurate satellite quote, and we'll send over a lawn pro to work their magic on your yard. Payment and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything from your phone. We're bringing lawn care into the 21st century.

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Hey all, I created this, and would be happy to answer any questions you have. :D
@jeremyyamaguchi Congrats - this is a tough vertical for sure! Wish you guys all the best! (We've got a lot of demand for this, the supply side is harder to fulfil/acquire especially in San Diego)
Essentially positioned as a Homejoy for lawncare, Lawn Love has built a web platform that works as a two-way marketplace with the aim of bringing more efficiency and protection to both sides of the business transaction. From the consumer side, the platform works like this: A user selects the kind of service they need among a few options, and provides some basic information about the property’s size and location. Lawn Love provides an automated quote within minutes, and from there, the user can select their preferred provider from a short list of available people, and schedule the service. Lawn Love provides full insurance protection and payment processing services to both sides, and takes a flexible commission on each job, which is paid by the hour. The average Lawn Love job runs at about $40 per hour, though it all depends on what services are being rendered and the size and location of the area.
I would pay good money to see someone mow a big lawn with a hedge trimmer.
@kchau that's just cruel
@rrhoover you saw their hero image, right?
@kchau this is within the realm of possibility. How much are we talking? ;)
@jeremyyamaguchi ;) How would the clippings be removed?
@kchau By hand, with tweezers.
Love this product, will remove one more stress / hassle from my life! Great looking lawn with zero effort. When will you be launched in the Bay Area?
@mtp121 Thanks Mark! We are currently available in the South Bay, and are looking to launch in SF over the next few months.