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I've been using SlackPass (now LaunchPass) for awhile for various groups. While it's good and provides a very nice UI for adding folks into Slack groups it needs to allow you to approve/decline new member joins IMHO


Easy to setup. Free to use for non-paid slack access


No way to approve members before they are added

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Great to see this project here, @sethlesky, I'm surprised Slack haven't considered creating this functionality themselves as more and more startups launch with simply a community and monetize from there. Please tell us more about what inspired you to build this? Thanks
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@abadesi Thanks Abadesi! The inspiration came from being a huge fan of Slack, while at the same time seeing how expensive, and complex it can be for many people to launch their own subscription based community. πŸš€
Lauchpass team tackles one of the biggest untapped pains of the web, online communities. Their products are great, Seth (the founder) is super communicative and helpful. We look forward to seeing new developments from them.
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Great job !! 😊
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@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! πŸ˜ƒ
This is Slackpass, on PH a while ago no?
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@dshan You must mean this πŸ‘‰πŸ½
@dshan Yes! We've rebranded and got hunted as result (not intentionally). We're adding lots of improvements and new features and were hoping to delay PH launch but Harsha got to us early πŸš€
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