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#2 Product of the DayMay 23, 2018

Free logo builder serves as a quick and easy way to make a logo for your company. It's perfect for startups who don't have a budget, or time to make a logo.

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A lot of our users don't have the budget, time, or any design software to make a logo with. Free Logo Builder serves as a tool to create a minimum viable logo until you have the means to team up with a designer and take it to the next level. Here's a few simple logos that we made: We also open sourced our data sets and some rudimentary a.i. if you want to build something similar or check out how it all works behind the scenes :)
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@cameronrohani you're killing it!
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Love this. Would also like to attend Couchella if possible.
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Hey everyone! If anyone has any questions about the AI/engineering please feel free to checkout the repo, comment here or email me at We are aware of some small πŸ›'s and if you find any please email us at
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@launchaco @marclaventure Hi Marc! Have you all experienced a glitch where the logos do not download? They only have the info file? Thank you.
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@launchaco @marclaventure @skimmgvl I too facing the very same issue!
@launchaco @marclaventure This tool looks really promising. However what are the term of services to use these logos. It does not mention anywhere if users can use them freely or some obligations are attached to it. The Terms of services page ( is a generic page with everything on it, could not find anything specific to logos. The simpler questions is, are these logos free for commercial use?
Launchaco never ceases to amaze, good job!
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I love how in just a few steps many awesome logo images are created. All the generated logos, can also be further customized to your liking!


Generate a great logo fast, just click on fonts and icons you like, and the AI takes care of the rest!


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