Instantly search domains, social media handles & logotypes.



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Launchaco will help businesses in one of their very first steps: coming up with an awesome name. With Launchaco you can instantly search domain names, social media handles & beautiful logotypes. We find seeing all these things side by side makes it easier to come up with a great name.

Starting new projects always gets us so excited; designing products, branding, iterating, marketing, developing, user testing, iterating,💃, launching... Launchaco aims to be a reflection of that. We are creating a suite of products that will help startups in their early stages.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

P.s you can add Launchaco to your homescreen on iOS devices and it’ll look like a native app!

@cameronrohani This. Saves. So. Much. Time!
Alex Rosier — ProtonMail
@cameronrohani the web app experience is on point. Great work!
Michael Reiter — Software Engineer
I like the fonts and novel domains!
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