LambdaTest WordPress Plugin

Cross browser testing directly from your Wordpress dashboard

Want to perform cross browser testing of your WordPress posts or pages? If yes, LambdaTest Screenshots Plugin for WordPress is a solution. You can take screenshots and perform testing across 2000+ different browser combination be it published pages, posts, or while editing a post.

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Hey Hunters! I am glad to be here again. Our last launch of LambdaTest Chrome Extension has been beautifully embraced by you all and we were the third product of the day. Thanks a lot for your help and support! With so much positive response on Chrome Extension, we decided to put forward another add-on to the community. This time we have come up with WordPress Plugin for Multi-browser screenshots. Here's what you can do using LambdaTest Wordpress plugin for multi-browser screenshots: -->Perform visual cross-browser testing directly from your WordPress dashboard. -->Take screenshots across 2000+ combinations of browsers, browser versions, operating systems, and devices. -->On encountering a bug, mark it to your bug management tool directly from your WordPress account, hence making bug management easier. -->Take screenshots of your pages and posts from the editor to ensure cross-browser compatibility. -->Integrate your account to various bug management tools like JIRA, Asana, Trello, GitLab, GitHub, VSTS, Bitbucket, Paymo, and TeamWork. And a lot more features. With LambdaTest WordPress Plugin you can capture up to 25 screenshots in one test session. You can perform up to 10 screenshot sessions every month using our freemium plan. But you are special, so we are offering a 35% exclusive discount for product hunt users on our listed price if you opt for an annual subscription. Use coupon code PH35 while upgrading to avail the same. By a free sign up you can perform a lot more than screenshot testing. Here are some of the major highlights of the features that we provide in our product: → 2000+ browser and browser versions where can you test your web-apps. → Real-time interactive testing → Automated Responsive testing to perform Visual UI testing. → Smart UI Testing wherein you can compare image to image and identify visual deviations. → Single click bug logging to help you log a bug from screenshots with only a single click. → Inbuilt issue tracker which directly allows you to integrate your bug to JIRA, Slack, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Gitlab, VSTS, Bitbucket, Google Meet or emails. → Testing of the websites hosted on local and private servers using SSH tunnel. → Wordpress plugin for taking full-page automated screenshots. We provide access to all our features in our freemium plan. The only difference between our freemium and premium plan lies in the amount of consumption. As a premium user, you can perform unlimited testing for all the features on our product. We envision LambdaTest as a platform that can fulfil all the needs of the testing community. We are continuously growing to facilitate a complete testing ecosystem. Thanks to our customers' valuable feedbacks and suggestions. Hope you like our latest addition. Feel free to comment about what attracted you the most and where you feel we can do better. We will be grateful as your valuable input will help us to improve further. P.S - Thank you for reading, upvoting and all the support we have received so far. We have a ton of awesome updates coming up as we endeavour to deliver a complete testing ecosystem on the cloud and we can't wait to share them with you soon. Stay tuned for more!
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Your plugin is simply amazing, helped me a lot in fixing my visual bugs. @jay_0687 You and your fellas have done a great job like always!
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Cool! Is there any suggestions feature on how to fix layout issues when you take a screenshot?
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@aaronoleary Hey Aaron. This is a good suggestion though our platform is currently focused on finding out visual bugs using LambdaTest WordPress plugin. I would love to pass this on to my product team. Thanks a lot!
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Can I also check mobile responsiveness of my blog through this?
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@nehanehra08 Hello Neha. Thanks for your question. We have a wide range of mobile and desktop devices on which you can test your webpage's responsiveness. With WordPress plugin, you can take screenshots across various mobile devices to ensure the responsiveness of your blog. Hope this helps!
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Interesting plugin, will definitely check,
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@yashyadav101 Thanks Yash! Let me know if you need any help while exploring.