LambdaTest Screenshot Scheduler

Capture screenshots at defined time intervals automatically.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 04, 2020
LambdaTest screenshot scheduler takes automated full page screenshots of your webpages on 25 different selected browsers, and most importantly, you can automate when you want to take the screenshots.
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Hello Product Hunters! It's Jay again, the Co-Founder of LambdaTest. Thanks, @kevin for hunting us! Since our last release last year, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring more and more features that will tremendously boost your browser testing productivity. Today, we have something special on-board to help you perform cross browser testing round the clock. We have added functionality to help you schedule your screenshot test cases. As you may already know, LambdaTest allows you to automatically generate full-page screenshots of your web-application over a variety of browsers + OS combinations through a feature called Screenshot Testing. With Screenshot testing, you can generate up to 25 screenshots in a single test session. While it’s an awesome tool, sometimes it’s a chore to take a screenshot every day. And this was exactly one of the problems one our client shared with us while using LambdaTest. A web-application is ever-changing, sometimes it is due to customer demands, sometimes it is due to a hot-fix, and sometimes it is due to a new browser or operating system being launched. Developers are regularly pushing code changes to the application and testers are always busy validating them. In an agile environment, where testing is constant, it becomes easier if you can automate a test and get regular update test results. The screenshot scheduler feature was born to address this use case. Screenshot scheduler will allow you to take an automated full page screenshot of your webpage and at the same time automate generating screenshots on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With a single click, you can take screenshots across up to 25 different browsers, browser versions, and operating systems, and ensure that your page is cross browser compatible with all the important desktop and mobile browsers. So not only does it boost your cross browser testing, but it also decreases the chance of things going sideways whenever a new update is launched. You can read all about it in one of our product update articles - Wait, there is more! We have exclusive discounts for the PH community. Experiencing LambdaTest is just a click away, signup for our Freemium plan. Use coupon code: PH20 to get an exclusive discount of 20% on all our paid plans. While we're super excited to share this with you - it's just the start. We have a ton of awesome updates coming up as we are building a complete testing ecosystem on the cloud and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. Stay tuned and happy testing! :)
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I requested this feature a month back as well in the demo @jay_0687 . Didn't know you would be launching so soon with it. Kudos to the team. Keep up the goodwork!!
@natashasurii We are always pushing ourselves to deliver features that bring convenience to your browser testing experience on our cloud. Thanks for requesting an awesome feature. Ambassadors like you are the real secret behind our product growth. :)
Are the files shared on the mail through a zip folder?
@nehaanand09 That is a great question. And yes, the files will be shared under a zip folder on your registered email ID with LambdaTest. :)
That is a great extended functionality to the platform. We frequently use the Lambdatest screenshot chrome plugin and I think this feature will help as well.
@silvialuis nothing beats an appreciation from thoughtful users like you. We are planning various awesome enhancements down the road. Stay tuned with us and meanwhile we hope our Screenshot Scheduler will help ease your testing workflows. Cheers! :)