#5 Product of the DayDecember 03, 2016
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Hi ProductHunt, Good to be back! As a startup founder - I learned that we hustle, work hard and launch our products to help our customers. It's quite the journey from idea to prototype, initial customer acquisition, finding co-founders, and eventually building a company. Kudos to @rrhoover for building such an incredible community for makers. Startup Grind is fun and hard. We shared our lessons and took a toll to get here - https://backchannel.com/my-co-fo... Today, we are launching @KriyaAI, the on-demand workforce helping entrepreneurs quickly get from idea to product launch. With the help of AI, we connect clients to our vetted service partners in Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Design and PR departments in real-time. We strongly believe that the future of work is here and we’re distributing it. Our defining moment: Using our own workforce to build this AI-powered, real-time messaging with deep integration into Slack/Email. The kicker, we didn’t have to write a single line of code and this is how we went from couch to 8K in revenue under three weeks — https://medium.com/@raviformativ... So how do we differentiate from marketplace services like Upwork or Gigster? 1. We partner with top-tier global service companies who are incredibly talented, speaks English, employ a quality workforce, and are hungry to work. These factors help bring down the cost of launching a full-suite product to as low as $3000 (a couple grand more for a mobile app). 2. We developed an AI-powered bot that helps clients to connect with the right freelance talent in 30 minutes or less. They converse with them using our task-based real-time messaging service. No more dealing with the hassles of recruiting 1000s of applicants and get spammed. 3. Each task is deeply integrated with our favorite communication workflows like Slack and email. (As shown in the screenshots, each task in Kriya can be mirrored in a Slack channel, streamlining the conversation. Similarly, each task triggers an email thread, keeping all the communication intact. Messenger integration is coming soon! 5. We helped six startups with around 100 tasks to go from idea to the launch over the last 12 weeks. We are committed to the startup grind and understand the pain points bringing an idea to launch and providing services that will help them grow. We charge clients a mere 10% (5% if budget > $500) per task to the client as a convenience fee and lead gen. This will only be applied at the end of each transaction. We charge nothing to the freelancers as opposed to others.
Privacy policy ? Of course chatting about ideas is highly sensitive. How do you manage this on your side and on vendors side ? Cheers!
@_pascalandy We are not introducing a new concept. Freelancing is widely popular and we are taking a leap forward by using AI to bring down the cost significantly, making it useful for startups and small businesses. Unless it's a technologically revolutionary product, ideas are cheap, execution matters :)
Well said.
To be completely honest, the landing page doesnt give me any info , examples or anything. I'd suggest givng context as people landing on the page will likely feel the same way. You shouldnt assume from the little info available that people will be willing to create a task or whatever straight away... something to consider :)
@bentossell - Great points. We wanted to have a minimal barrier to entry for users to jump into a conversation immediately. We are updating the landing page to include reviews and more details as we speak :)
@bentossell - Within four hrs, our @kriyaai workforce fixed our landing page!
Is kriya featured again? The landing page looks much better and more informative now.
This doesn't feel like AI. It feels like a bot connected to some workflows and humans. Not to be a downer, could be a great product, but adding AI to the name makes it feel a little dishonest.