KRFT 1.5.0

A modular instrument for music production

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Alexx Foxx
@alexxfoxxuk · Co - Founder @ Studio Amplify
Hey - dev here! We're two musicians/programmers who have been trying to build a new app to bring more expression and fluidity to electronic music.  We released KRFT in February - we call it a "modular instrument for music production". The upcoming 1.5 update brings MIDI to the table, meaning that KRFT can control other apps and DAWs such as Ableton, as wel… See more
Steven Smith
Awesome sound interface and quality audio. Really like this product. Making me DJ sets epic AND I can produce on the go. Studio in my pocket
Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Kraft new version supports MIDI, meaning that it can now control the sound engines from other apps, desktop VSTs and DAWs (like Ableton & Logic) and even hardware.
Josh Khoury
@josh_khoury · Sales, Freelance
Looks great! Want to know more
Dean Daughters
KRFT is a game changer for what I can do with music production on my iPad - with MIDI out, I can also control my hardware synths - this is a MUST HAVE MUSIC APP! :)