Build musical interfaces from a toolset of interactive cells

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Hey PH! We’re two brothers from London - always been deep into making music and always looking for new ways to do it. We feel that although technology has inspired a revolution in audio production, much of the creative process is stuck in the 80s. KRFT for iPhone and iPad is the culmination of our experiments into the flow of music creation. It enables a seamless flow between arrangement and recording, meaning you are able to reinterpret the music in-the-moment. Instead of the typical: “Record, Arrange, Repeat”, using KRFT you combine musical elements to create an interactive surface that represents your composition. These elements might be melodies, drumbeats, control knobs, sections etc. The elements are controlled with taps, drags and other gestures. This interactivity enables non-linear music composition and we’ve found that you can very quickly explore and create music that you would never normally discover. The interface powers a sophisticated audio engine that has a lot of tweak-ability that gives you control over the sound as well as the ability to add and control audio effects from the surface. We’ve had great feedback from the iOS music making community and we’re looking forward to pushing the product further. We are currently working on adding the most asked for feature “Audio Sample import” that will enable a wider set of timbres and “Ableton Link” that will sync with other apps. J
KRFT is a unique and inspiring way to create music. By combining a variety of loops, dials, effects and more, you build your own musical surface. These interfaces are a collection of musical functions and ideas that can be controlled and interpreted in real time. The nature of this workflow allows you to make expressive decisions on-the-fly and create dynamic compositions that would be difficult to achieve in typical music software. Rather than writing a song from start to finish, KRFT lets you play and re-interpret your composition giving you the opportunity to experiment and add flair in real time. Record multiple takes and export them to your favourite audio software or upload online.
Nice work! Will install later :)
@rijnbeek Awesome, let me know how you get on!
@alexxfoxxuk It's pretty awesome, thnx for the short 10 minute video btw :)
I put together a short 10 minute video to show how quickly you can put a track together. Hopefully it should give you guys an idea of how it all works! =>
Holy future of music! So f cool
@pokrparty The future is here!