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I love the design of this app. It's a recipe and food discovery app with a great team behind it from Berlin/Bay Area.
Hey product hunters, So happy to announce KptnCook 2.0 - recipe discovery & cooking app Key features: - three new 30-minutes recipes everyday from top food bloggers - all recipes are price-matched with products from grocery stores - step-by-step pictures for every recipes Hope you'll like it, dig in! Kptn Polina
What a great idea, I've been looking for something like this. I like how it tells you the prices for the ingredients from safeway and whole foods. I'd love to see @Instacart prices as well, or even better, if you could add all the items to your instacart cart. Is that on your radar screen for the future?
@zushizack hey Zack, thank you so much for your feedback! We're working to make the integration and delivery with @instacart to happen! Stay tuned! Best Polina
Love the flipbook style scroll through the recipes and the quality of images and their easy to follow style are great. I'd love to know more about why the app only delivers 3 recipes a day - why not be able to choose from the back catalog of recipes that I've already missed? The FAQ says that most of the recipes are vegetarian for various reasons - feels a little preachy though.
@moulder5000 hey Emily, thank you for your feedback, unfortunately I have overseen your comment. There are 3 recipes a day to avoid long recipe search but still have a portion of inspiration every day. This way we want to simplify the decision making and help users get down to cooking faster, not being overwhelmed by the amount of options and choices :) Not all the recipes are vegetarian and we did not want to sound preachy :) we are flexitarians and the selection of the recipes reflects it. Veggies are tasty but from time to time a good steak can be a great treat! Please let me know if you have some more feedback! Best Polina
Seems really interesting. Do this have video recipes? It would be good if this offer more personalised recipes.
@atharmajeed Hey Athar, than you so much for your feedback! We decided to offer step-by-step pictures instead of videos, because our recipes can be cooked within max. of 30 minutes. It's super easy & detailed already :) There are three recipes a day: vegan, vegetarian & meat or fish. But we're working on more personalization in the upcoming future! Please stay tuned!