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Heck yah. I've seen what Knowtify has done for a company I advise. Making daily digests so easy and targetable saves them big time while building relevance for their users. Highly recommended.
@chep2m Wow...thanks, Ellen!
Intercom, Mixpanel, and Upsight (where I used to work, formerly called PlayHaven) provide tools to broadcast segmented messages based on location, user behavior, current context, etc. What's unique about Knowtify is that they provide this level of personalization within regular email digests rather than one-off marketing/CRM messages. We have plans to customize Product Hunt's daily email for each user, surfacing things like past upvoted products, posts from people you follow, etc. @dskaletsky why did you decide to work on this problem? Did it change from when you started?
@rrhoover hey Ryan...great comment. We really want to make it easy for companies (apps and otherwise) use "data as content". To date, data has really been used for segmentation, but it becomes really powerful when that customized data becomes the content of the email. The seed for the idea came at my last startup. We struggled getting engagement from our users, but when we started sending highly personal, dynamic daily emails, we saw great results (especially with enterprise 'decision makers'). BUT it was an internal engineering project that took way too long to get on the roadmap & to build. Plus, once they were built, we couldn't manage/optimize them without going back through engineering. Long story short, that's the gist. We have been adjusting to some early use cases (especially with content sites - we now support RSS integrations), but are staying pretty much inline with where we started.
@rrhoover btw - looking forward to helping you with that one :)
Who's the handsome guy on the landing page?
@LennsHu Not bad but I think I like the 3 astronauts on the thank you page a little more.
I have personally used this product and it is aces. The use cases seem to be endless.
@mrdiggles I can't wait for the next iteration of the Yix digest! I love those animated gifs. I'd just like to be able to share the digest along with some form of discussion/collaboration. Maybe you could have a landing page for each gif and have a meme contest to see who comes up with the best caption. Then the next day you show a new gif + yesterday's gif along with the winning caption and winner.
@duilen yeah buddy! We are currently re-working the GIF of the Day and would love to incorporate some of these ideas. We did a good POC but the GIFs are on lockdown and not sharable. Many changes coming.
Segment emails and its contents only to certain users. By showing only relevant content, your digests will be impossible to ignore.You set the time and frequency, and emails are sent out automatically. Checkout the use cases section!