An app that uses AI to turn your notes into review quizzes.

Know is available on mobile and web, and uses AI to automatically convert your notes — or any review material — into review quizzes.
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Hey everyone! With all the support and positive feedback we were getting from you guys, we decided to launch our Kickstarter early! We're looking for $3,500 to help us improve some of the algorithm features, introduce new premium features (which will be free to backers pledging just $15 or more!), and spend more towards advertising and marketing. Every dollar helps us grow and helps you study better. Please check it out at! We were also just recently featured in this blog as one of the top new android apps in August! Check it out here:
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Quality product and easy to use
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@riya_s Thanks Riya! We're so glad you liked the app!
Love the new redesign!
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Great app. Downloaded it for my kids!!
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@sumit_sood Thank you for the kind words! We're so glad you love our app!
It feels great to finally be on Product Hunt after several years of hard work! We created Knowt to solve a common problem that we have as students -- studying effectively -- and we wanted to make this less of a problem for both ourselves and other students. We started Knowt in 2016 when we were in high school, and have continued working on it throughout college, to deliver on a vision for a future of better learning. Our app is the first step by our company to ensure that this vision becomes a reality. Knowt is available on iOS, Android, and Web - and it uses machine learning to automatically converts your notes, or any review material online, into review quizzes. Simply open our app; either type your notes or copy and paste them into our editor; and hit quiz! It's that simple. Any notes you write or find online can be entered into Knowt and reviewed - no extra work required. Learn more about Knowt and its amazing features by checking out and if you really love Knowt, please support our Kickstarter campaign here: Since 2016, we have continued to grow and build the app with others who share our vision, and Knowt has completely changed! A month ago, we launched our official open Knowt Beta - a complete redesign of the app that we initially launched back in high school. Our new beta focusses on two main things: *An elegant and incredibly friendly user interface *An advanced question generating algorithm that has improved tremendously and incorporates more advanced machine learning techniques that make Knowt's questions smarter and more detailed. We are absolutely thrilled to hear what you have to say, and we hope you join us on this journey with Knowt! Happy learning, The Knowt Team
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@abheek_pandoh Does knowt has Chinese Version?
@new_user_1366b34589 Unfortunately, Knowt currently only supports English text as our team primarily resides within the United States. However, we have started exploring the possibility of adding foreign texts, so stay tuned on our website (, Product Hunt, and Kickstarter for future announcements!
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@abheek_pandoh thanks,keep in touch
HI @angelpangpang we just added multi-language support in Knowt! Be sure to check it out and let us know if you have any issues. Hope you like it!