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Knowable is a first-of-its-kind platform for audio-based education. We make learning more convenient, rewarding, and fun by ditching the screen, emphasizing actionability, and creating original courses that you’ll actually want to complete.
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This seems like an audio version of MasterClass. We're seeing a lot of companies explore fan-driven monetization in podcasting, but people are used to listening to podcasts for free. Knowable could be a podcast but reframing it as a course will likely make it much easier to monetize.
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@rrhoover 👋 Thanks for your comment! We believe that Knowable is pioneering a new format in the audio space by combining the authority of audiobooks with the dynamism of podcasts, and the community-based features of e-learning. Because we're delivering all the content through our own apps we can deliver a much more robust experience for our customers than a podcast, including student communities, personalized curriculums, and action-based nudges (e.g. you get an email with summaries and action items after comleting each lesson, so you don't have to take notes while listening). We're fans of MasterClass, and while we're similar in many ways, one key difference is that our courses feature multiple experts on a given subject, so that we can offer as prismatic of a perspective as possible. Also, when you sign up for a Knowable course, we give you a free referral code so that you can bring a friend along. We think learning is best with others.
Knowable is building the first platform for audio-first learning. Great courses with top instructors, delivered screen-free, so you can learn when and how you want. So excited by this idea and team -- folks from NPR, Washington Post, and Masterclass -- that I’m part of the first course on building a startup.
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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Warren, one of the co-founders of Knowable. @alexisohanian, thanks for hunting us! We built Knowable to make online learning more convenient and fun for today’s generation of podcast listeners. Our team loves podcasts and audiobooks, but neither format is made specifically for education, and neither takes advantage of the smart devices they’re delivered through (both are static, one-way experiences). Meanwhile, most online courses are delivered through video, which limits when and how you can learn. We’re combining the listenability of podcasts, the authority of audiobooks, and the structure of online courses to create a new way to learn through audio. Plus, Knowable courses include a downloadable textbook, curated learning resources, and summary notes delivered to your inbox after each lesson. Private student communities and member discounts for relevant products and services are coming soon as well. One of our first courses is Launch a Startup, and features founders from Everlane, GOAT, and Reddit (Alexis), along with candid input from several other founders, lawyers, marketers, and investors. You can check it out, along with our other pilot courses — Start a Podcast, and How to Sleep Better — in the Knowable apps (iOS, Android, web). Key features: 🎧Made for audio learning. 🧠 Taught by world-leading experts and practitioners. 🎙️Produced by professionals from NPR, Washington Post, and MasterClass. 📚Downloadable e-textbook and curated learning tools. 🤝 Free course access for a friend. 💯100% satisfaction guarantee. 😺No ads. 💸Exclusive discounts on course-specific products and services (coming soon!) 🎓Access to private student communities (coming soon!) You Hunters know a lot about what it’s really like to launch a startup, so @abenzer and I would be especially grateful for any feedback, questions, or suggestions you might be willing to share. Also, we’re excited to offer the Product Hunt community 20% off your first course. Just use this code at checkout: producthunt Thanks so much for checking out Knowable!
@abenzer @wwshaef Knowable looks great! I was into online edu SaaS for 2 years, I know what I am saying :) How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
@paul_shuteyev Hi, thanks! Email sent :)
@wwshaef Received, and replied with more details! :)
Really excited about this. My wife gave me a Masterclass two years ago that I've yet to 'watch' because I don't want to sit in front of my computer for 10 hours. This format is a great shift. And really impressed with the startup course already.
@mattmuns Thanks so much for sharing! Right, Knowable is a product borne out of our own similar frustration -- we want to learn efficiently, but don't always have time to stare at a screen. Glad you're liking the Startup course so far! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make the experience even better for you.
Can definitely see audio becoming the new frontier of online learning. Are you only planning to host original courses created by Knowable, or are considering crowdsourcing content from creators?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! And we agree :) For now, all courses on Knowable are made by our in-house production team in order to maintain as high of a quality level as possible. We do have plans to open up the platform though... if you or anyone you know would be interested in leading, or being a part of an audio course, you can fill out our application here:
@wwshaef Sounds good, will be sure to get in touch if I can contribute anything of value.