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Nir Zilberman
Hi everyone!

We are so happy and excited about all of the traffic and new users our app has been getting during the last day via this launch in PH. Amazing!!

If you could spare a moment of your time and send us some input we would really appreciate it.
What did you think of our app? Please submit your feedback, comments and questions in here and we would would be happy to answer.



boaz saragossi
@boazsaragossi · Designer, Coder, Game developer and more
Hey Everyone,

Eric thanks for hunting our new project - Know Fast.
Its a simple and straight up app for people with little time and lots of thirst for knowledge.
One short video a day, learn something new, repeat tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear what you think in the comments.
Yanai Ron
@yanairon · Check Point
Great, finally our app is featured here! Thanks a lot Eric, we've been working very hard on this.
We love it that new people can share the fun of learning new stuff everyday
boaz saragossi
@boazsaragossi · Designer, Coder, Game developer and more
We got some promo codes to give out for anyone who can't wait for tomorrow's video!
Comment your twitter handle here ,follow us and we will DM you your code.

Or Garfunkel
@orgarfunkel · VP Product
Love its simplicity and usefulness. Actually learned something new, without making me spend more time on it.
Nir Zilberman
We're so excited to be featured in PH!
Our aim is to deliver new knowledge to our users, daily, in the form of a short video.
Would love to get your feedback and comments.
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