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Know Fast is an app that brings you one video a day to teach you something new

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Hey Everyone, Eric thanks for hunting our new project - Know Fast. Its a simple and straight up app for people with little time and lots of thirst for knowledge. One short video a day, learn something new, repeat tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear what you think in the comments.
Great, finally our app is featured here! Thanks a lot Eric, we've been working very hard on this. We love it that new people can share the fun of learning new stuff everyday
@yanairon @boazsaragossi @nirzilberman : Good job guys. Really useful app. It's fun to learn new things everyday. Only thing I didn't like much was the pink color :) And @yanairon, that kittenish profile pic specifically for PH community? ;)
@philipsajeesh @yanairon Thanks Sajeesh, really glad you like our app. that Cat is my "Penny", and haven't you know that pink is the new black? (^_^)
We got some promo codes to give out for anyone who can't wait for tomorrow's video! Comment your twitter handle here ,follow us and we will DM you your code.
@boazsaragossi good job! promo me :)
Love its simplicity and usefulness. Actually learned something new, without making me spend more time on it.
@orgarfunkel glad you liked it
Hi! We're so excited to be featured in PH! Our aim is to deliver new knowledge to our users, daily, in the form of a short video. Would love to get your feedback and comments.