Kiwi for Gmail

The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

#4 Product of the DayJune 23, 2015
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Expensive web wrapper :D
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Love the do not disturb feature. 'Only true email client for gmail on mac' doesn't seem quite accurate. I used to use Mailplane which has been around for a fair while. If the maker is around perhaps they could point out the differentiation for us?
@helencrozier yeah seems misleading to say it's the only one. There are things like sparrow
@_jacksmith @helencrozier it still feels different than either of those. And it's a beauty because it doesn't take up disk space.
@helencrozier Misleading for sure. I use AirMail and it's pretty good even with its glitches.
@helencrozier As a Mailplane user, I was really looking forward to getting Kiwi. So far, it's OK--but I'd really like the ability to open Google Calendar in a tab (this feature is available in Mailplane but not Kiwi). And as Kiwi developers have admitted, plugin support is coming...until then, as I said, for me it's just OK--but not the "killer" product I've been waiting for.
Looks like the plugins aren't supported yet. Definitely need my plugins. =)
@stevepyoung Yeah I hear you. They are coming - I've been a backer and beta tester for a while and and it seems like these guys do things well. So when then come, I'm sure they'll work great.
do i miss something? it like the browser version with a few more features?
@ourielohayon Agreed - I'm not totally convinced, especially for a premium app. Go For Gmail is a solid (and free) alternative. Switching between multiple accounts isn't quite as seamless, but it's basically just the same thing - breaking Gmail out of the browser. I'd much rather use Fluid to do the same, and still be able to use overlays like Sortd.
@dan_e_gray @ourielohayon exactly. i don t see how this is dramatically more useful
@ourielohayon The account switching and "Do Not Disturb" is useful, but the real advantages are that it's integrated—you get native notifications, you can set it as your system default mail client, and because it's not loading an entire browser it tends to be more responsive.
@mostlymarius @ourielohayon mmm. never had any issue with a couple of good google chrome extensions that do that very well
@ourielohayon Oh for sure, I'm just mentioning what it does that justifies having it separate versus using it in a browser. Full disclosure: I wrote the promo video's music, so I have a biased perspective as someone who enjoyed testing the app. Ultimately it depends a lot on the individual email user's needs. Personally, I prefer to have a normal desktop email client, but for those who really want to keep the Gmail interface but have it behave like a normal app, Kiwi is perfect. Once it gets plugin support and perhaps an Inbox mode, it'll be even better.
I wish products like this were being built around Inbox by Google. Seems that most of the early-adopter and poweruser crowds have switched over to Inbox, yet many of these apps (and plugins / browser extensions) don't yet support it.
@ryanstenson Ditto my thoughts. Were it not for Inbox (which is how I use Gmail), I'd have definitely given Kiwi a try.