Autocomplete code in Python with AI. Free & cloudless.

Code faster with Kite, the AI-powered autocomplete and docs lookup for Python. Kite released 2 new features today: Line-of-Code Completions and Cloudless Processing. Kite is free and works on Mac & Windows for most IDEs.

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Hi Product Hunters, Today we release a new version of Kite. We've worked hard and are eager to get your feedback on it. *About Kite* Kite helps programmers code faster via an AI-powered autocomplete and docs lookup. It's currently for Python 🐍, but more languages to come! Kite integrates with many editors on Mac and Windows: VS Code, Atom, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Sublime Text, and Vim. Our core belief as programmers is that we spend too much time on repetitive work like copying and pasting from StackOverflow, fixing simple errors, and writing boilerplate code. That's why Kite uses AI to make writing code less repetitive and more fun for all: professionals and beginners alike. *What's New* 💥 *Line-of-Code Completions* - Kite can now predict several “words” of code at a time, powered by the most sophisticated AI engine available for modeling code. 💥 *Cloudless Processing* - Kite now performs all processing locally on users' computers, instead of in the cloud. No need to upload your code to our servers. You don't even have to sign up for a Kite account. *Try Kite* ➡ We've even set up a playground for you to try Kite's Line-of-Code completions out in your browser. Simply visit ( to give Kite a spin. ➡ As always, Kite is free to download and use. And we no longer require an email from users. If you already use Kite (thank you for your support!), you now have these features via auto-update. We're really looking forward to your feedback. The detailed feedback we've received in the past has been immensely helpful in getting us to this point. I'll be here all day to answer questions, too. You can learn more about this release on our blog:
Anthony Da Mota
I upvote things that matter.
Ahh. Now it runs locally, that's interesting!
tbodtWriter of code, debugger of segfaults
At this point, it's basically [TabNine]( but less good.
Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
Nifty. There are always actions and shortcuts that experienced devs have memorized... that younger devs have never been exposed to. Excited to see a future where an AI engine can surface time-saving recommendations directly based on what each developer is working on, pulling from the best and brightest among us. (we call these Coaching Networks) @asmith – I remember Kite ran into some issues early after acquiring open-source libraries, hiring the teams behind them, and leveraging their reach to promote Kite's ecosystem. Really curious – how do you see the future of open source intersecting with prosumer dev tools like Kite?
@nickabouzeid Open source and prosumer dev tools are an interesting intersection, and a lot could be said. By and large the main thing happening is larger platform companies like Microsoft, Google, et al are entering the dev space — think the Github acquisition, VS Code, etc — which presents interesting risks and opportunities to the ecosystem. Much of this work is being done in open source but being paid for by these large companies who also have their own commercial agendas. At Kite we're uniquely focused on building a product developers love, and less on cross-promoting services like Azure. RE the issues we ran into in 2017, we definitely learned from the experience. For us moving forward means contributing great tools and technologies back to the community, which we are trying to do here today. We hope everyone enjoys checking it out!
michael nyagaData Scientist

Having trouble installing in my laptop. Guess will not work on some older models!


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