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Kissmetrics is a premier Customer Engagement Automation (CEA) platform enabling you to discover your best users, understand what makes them great, and make more of them.

With CEA, you’ll get behavioral analytics, segmentation and engagement solution all in one place.

Thue Madsen
Matt Pliszka
Jonathan Cabin
  • Matt Pliszka
    Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @ pickSaaS.com

    complex and functional app, deep insight into users' behavior



    One of the best apps for user-based analytics but for quite a significant price.

    Matt Pliszka has used this product for one week.
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Derek Skaletsky
Derek SkaletskyMaker@dskaletsky · Founder, CEO Sherlock
Last year Kissmetrics bought our startup, Knowtify with the goal of building out their new customer engagement platform. Yesterday we released the new Kissmetrics platform with email automation from Knowtify built in. It's a great product and really great to see the combination of technologies come to fruition!
Blake Yeager
Blake Yeager@blakeyeager · VP of Engineering @ Techstars
Really excited to see this integration come to life. Congrats! Quick question, does the campaigns feature include all of the personalizable (I may have just made up that word) email templates that were a part of Knowtify?
Dane Lyons
Dane LyonsMakerPro@duilen · Founder of v1Labs
@blakeyeager Thanks Blake! We redesigned the email editor from the ground up. Now instead of piecing together rigid templates, it's more of an inline editing experience with drag and drop components which are highly configurable. There is still work to be done to make this new editor behave as envisioned. But we feel like this direction is more flexible while still not requiring dev/design support.
Blake Yeager
Blake Yeager@blakeyeager · VP of Engineering @ Techstars
@duilen Awesome, sounds like the right approach. Thanks for the detail!
Derek Skaletsky
Derek SkaletskyMaker@dskaletsky · Founder, CEO Sherlock
@blakeyeager @duilen check it out
Siddharth Kothari
Siddharth KothariHiring@siddharthlatest · Founder of Appbase Inc.
Looks awesome, can't wait to try!
Mike Karaś
Mike Karaś@mikekara9 · Co-founder of picksaas.com
Kissmetrics is a very user-friendly tool for those who want to access actionable data about visitors and customers. It easily enables to personalize the information I want to gather which makes it super useful, especially for web/mobile applications. Happy to recommend it at picksaas.