Build apps quickly with microservices.

KintoHub makes it easy for you to build, test and deploy microservices and cloud-ready features without having to code every service.

This is possible because we've made microservices simple from code to cloud and are creating a feature economy that empowers developers to share common features and only focus on their secret sauce.

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With the rise of microservices, it’s awesome to see a product like Kintohub created to help developers. It’s a toolkit to help any level of developer wrangle microservices. Check it out!
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@hnshah thanks for the support. Being a team of developers, we're excited to share what we've built and looking forward to the developer community driving the next generation of a feature economy around microservices.
I dig the product - i like the UI! I might deploy my project on it =) Got a few questions for you: 0.) What is the proposed SLA uptime for something deployed to KintoHub? 1.) Will there be support for monitoring (ie. with PagerDuty, Slack, etc)? 2.) What will be the pricing strategy for apps? Would it be modelled under a per call basis or based on instance sizes? 3.) Am I able to deploy to a semi-private test instance for my company only? Cheers and keep up the good work.
@tommytcchan Thanks for Q's Tommy! Looking forward to supporting your project on KintoHub. 0) SLA -- We're in Alpha and will have proposed SLAs once we get to Beta. We're expecting beta in Q4 this year. We're planning to prio multi-cloud deployment to ensure the best SLAs, especially for crypto related projects 1) Monitoring - Yes, monitoring is on the way. We paused this feature because there are too many ways to do this. We're having an open Q&A / AMA later this month to open up the question to the community. Would love for you to participate - if you signed up, you'll receive an email next week about it. 2) Pricing - We're free today and will always have a free tier. We are planning to have a mix of a tier based system starting at ~10 USD up to a "pay as you go" model. The pay as you go will be a pay-per-second model thanks to serverless. To increase resources/instance size, we look at these as "Addons" which would be a monthly fee. You can also add-on databases or analytics in the near future as well. We'll be sharing more August 2018 and hope to have an open discussion with the community about this. 3) Yes - Contact us via slack or email and we can discuss this. We're tested on AWS/Google/Azure so far and can do private managed or unmanaged solutions. Today, all services you create on KintoHub are private to the members of a workspace by default if you want to start now on
Hello World, Firstly - Many thanks to Hiten for hunting us! He personally introduced the team to Product Hunt and couldn't be more stoked to launch today together. KintoHub believes microservices are the future and they can be universally compatible amongst a community of developers. We're talking about a package manager for cloud-ready features and functionality that handles the full lifecycle of code to cloud. What does this mean? 1. Developers & entrepreneurs can focus on their secret sauce. Quickly test new ideas by utilizing community made common features (authentication, email, in-app purchases, slack bots, analytics, leaderboards, exchange algorithms, image processing, etc.) 2. Save tons of $$$ by sharing the hosting costs of common features and functionality. From idea to public launch, our story began almost a year ago from an idea that was born half a decade ago. We couldn't be more ecstatic to share the early access tools we've built due to the mad love and hustle of friends, investors, early-access developers & the KintoTeam that got us here today <3. We're sincerely looking forward to your thoughts & feedback as this is for all the idea makers and keyboard ninjas out there!

I am very, very impressed with KintoHub‘s offerings and will be launching a small prohect using their microservices very shortly :)


Located in Hong Kong, a city in need of microservice platforms, KintoHub is a fantastic, user friendly platform with a great team of devs!


Could improve mobile responsiveness of some modals (so could Product Hunt...)

Many thanks for your feedback Nick! We'll be looking into not only the mobile responsiveness, but expect a CLI tool soon to :).
Solid video 😁
Thanks @nafetswirth! The Kinto Team had a ton of fun making it.