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#4 Product of the DayJuly 16, 2014
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Chris L@machinehuman · UX Designer
They should do this for Audible too...
Derek Shanahan@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
@machinehuman +1 they definitely should.
Chris Carella@ccarella · Product at Broadway Video Ventures
@machinehuman especially since Audible will sync with your Kindle, so you can start listening where you left of reading and vice-versa. But currently you need to buy 2 copies of the same book (1 on Audible, 1 on Kindle) to make it work.
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
Apparently Amazon is launching an Oyster competitor
Neil Thanedar@neilthanedar · CEO, LabDoor
@nbashaw Does this make VCs more or less excited about Oyster? I'm constantly amazed by Amazon's ability to fast-follow.
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
@NeilThanedar I'm not a VC so it's hard to say but I would be worried if I were Oyster. It's tough to read a book on a phone. Kindle + all you can read model = really compelling product
Ellen Chisa@ellenchisa · VP Product, Lola
This would save me so much money.
Derek Shanahan@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
This is killer, hope it sticks.
Ali R. Tariq@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
Amazon's sheer scale and volume of its library puts it in an enviable place to become THE Netflix for e-books. Stoked for this.