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They should do this for Audible too...
@machinehuman +1 they definitely should.
@machinehuman especially since Audible will sync with your Kindle, so you can start listening where you left of reading and vice-versa. But currently you need to buy 2 copies of the same book (1 on Audible, 1 on Kindle) to make it work.
Apparently Amazon is launching an Oyster competitor
@nbashaw Does this make VCs more or less excited about Oyster? I'm constantly amazed by Amazon's ability to fast-follow.
@NeilThanedar I'm not a VC so it's hard to say but I would be worried if I were Oyster. It's tough to read a book on a phone. Kindle + all you can read model = really compelling product
This would save me so much money.
This is killer, hope it sticks.
Amazon's sheer scale and volume of its library puts it in an enviable place to become THE Netflix for e-books. Stoked for this.