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Airbnb for Families

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I expected something a little different by the tagline, "Airbnb for families" (hint: it's not a family renting service). It's a beautifully designed site but not sure if it provides significantly more value than Airbnb to convince families to check Kid & Coe first.
@rrhoover essentially, we're about removing the noise, and offering busy families a curated selection of impeccable vacation options. Alongside our property lineup is a dedicated, human to human approach to customer service and the logistics around traveling with kiddos. We're all parents. We get it, and our global community of staffers, hosts, and influencers are helping us build a wealth of relevant local info that we share with our guests.
I'm with @rrhoover, I'm following these kinds of "X for a specific vertical" startups with cautious optimism. It seems like peoples' tendency is to do this level of filtering not at the feature level, but the product level. I imagine there are also a lot of small tweaks for both buyers and sellers that families need in order to be "family friendly" so it might make more sense than it might first appear to not-child-having folks like Ryan and I. @editorialpinch is that how you guys are approaching it or am I way off? Would love to hear your thoughts on this
@staringispolite Yes, I think it does help to approach it from the perspective of the tired, overly multi-tasked parent. Our one and only MO is simplifying family travel, through tailored content and accurate information written for a specific market. Our community's unique needs are at the center of every iteration, new feature, redesign, added content bucket, and partnership.
I agree with @rrhoover here. @editorialpinch why don't you position it differently. Though the website is neatly designed but it's definitely not fitting this slogan 'Airbnb for Families'. Why does the 'Home Page' messaging include 'Travel', isn't your offering 'Rental space at the selected vacation destination' or is 'Travel' service a part of it?