An ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard

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#1 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2018

The Keytron is a wireless mechanical keyboard with low profile switches in an ultra-slim design. Compatible with Windows or Mac, the Keytron keyboard features RGB light, wired or wireless mode, it can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Starting at $59.


Joshwin Greene
Nicholas Xu
 +10 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Wireless, Looks sleek, has a better function button location, screenshot shortcut button, and has a number pad, I needed it the most.


    The battery life could be improved

    I have already pledged for the 104-key model this morning and now they are here in #1 Product Hunt! What a coincidence. I am so excited to try this keyboard on my Mac.

    Mohammad ALZAHRANI has never used this product.


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Sean Washington
Sean Washington@seanwashington · CTO, Design Kollective
Would it be possible to get a typing sound sample? I know that the description mentions quiet, but I think being able to hear what actual typing sounds like would go a long way towards making me pull the trigger on this.
Sven Zhu
Sven ZhuMaker@loong_darren
Sean Washington
Sean Washington@seanwashington · CTO, Design Kollective
@loong_darren Thanks! I fear that the blue switches will cause my parter who's finishing law school to murder me. Are there any plans for a red/clear switch in the future? She'd greatly appreciate it. 😂
Sven Zhu
Sven ZhuMaker@loong_darren
@seanwashington Currently we don't have a plan for it, but if there is enough demand, we will definitely consider, as we need to place a bulk order like 1k pcs to factory each time, we need to be careful of the cash flow. In case of emergency, you can call the police to prevent you get murder first 🙈
Federico Vitale
Federico Vitale@federico_vitale · Developer - Focused on NodeJs and Swift
I'm thinking to pledge for the mid-size model, but I have a question: It's only available with the US layout?
Sven Zhu
Sven ZhuMaker@loong_darren
@federico_vitale Yes at the moment.
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
So, these mechanical keyboards are what type of low profile switches are used by Cherry MX, Kailh / Kaihua, or perhaps Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear?
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@babken_karapetyan @loong_darren Did you build your own switches?
Sven Zhu
Sven ZhuMaker@loong_darren
@babken_karapetyan I am not very clear, those Gateron and Cherry mx switch keyboards shows on our comparison video are traditional switch, but not low profile switch.
Jay@topdownjimmy · Web Developer & Designer
So intriguing. Would love to be able to get this with even a slightly curved keycap profile instead of "chiclet" keys.
Lin He
Lin He@he9lin · Cofounder, Smiley Science Lab, Inc
I just pledged on Kickstarter and cannot wait to try it out. Keep up the good work folks!