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What is Keychron?
We believe that the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboards appeals not just for gamers, but typists too. With that said, nearly 95% of mechanical keyboards out there are designed only for gamers. We, at Keychron, have spent more than a year to create self-contained switches for easier typing in that Magic Keyboard style.

Keychron tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Keychron is built with. Keychron utilizes products like Google, Shopify in their tech stack

Recent launches

Keychron K7
Keychron K7 is the world’s first ultra-slim 65% layout compact wireless mechanical keyboard, as well as the first low-profile Gateron mechanical keyboard that comes with a hot-swappable option to let you customize your per key typing experience with ease.
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Keychron K12
The Keychron K12 is a versatile 60% compact wireless Mechanical keyboard that thrives in tight space & comes with a hot-swappable option. One of the few 60% keyboards that is eminently optimized for Mac users, while still being compatible with Windows.
Keychron K12 image
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