Musical Keyboard with Gesture Controls, Modularity, and LEDs

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Idan Beck CEO, Founder @ophokeys Hi Hunters! Two years ago we launched the gTar, and while we’ve seen thousands of people learn how to play guitar we learned a lot of valuable lessons about music and how we can make music truly accessible as well as how to build cloud connect smart instruments. Today we’re excited to announce Keys, and as a Product Hunt perk we’ve included a free custom Product Hunt / Keys T-Shirt if you get Keys through PH.
At it’s core, Keys is a 24 LED key music keyboard that is full scale. This was the core design decision, and everything else flowed from there including proximity gesture controls and the ability to magnetically link multiple devices over AMON for configurable lego-like modularity. Keys is what we felt was the answer to making a device for anyone from novice to professional and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!
@ophokeysHi @idanbeck This is awesome! I don't have a keyboard MIDI controller at home yet, so I'm pretty tempted. Are these sending just on/off signals, or do they adjust volume based on keypress velocity? Also: Have you all seen the Blue Man Group Keyboard Experience? I still have one, and it's as fun to play with as it is weird
@ophokeysHi @staringispolite Every key is velocity sensitive, and it's got full polyphony if the need ever arises to hit all of the keys at the same time in a fit of joy/rage. That looks awesome by the way! When were those available?
@ophokeysHi @idanbeck Awesome. Bought one for the band @rrhoover, @kylebrussel and I are starting :) I think I got my "Keyboard Experience" c.2006? There were a few years around that time where the Blue Man Group was at its peak, and these were released during that time. I'll have to dust mine off this weekend!
I had a chance to see Keys IRL at CES and it just oozes quality. From the tactile feedback on the keys to the overall feel of the aluminum - just beautiful. I'd compare the overall build quality to an OP-1. Good job @idanbeck & team!
This + Drum Pants + Jamstik+ = the nerdiest band. Who's with me?
Purchased! Sooo psyched!