Keybase for Mobile

End-to-end encryption messaging platform

#4 Product of the DayMay 14, 2017
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Keybase is now more accessible than ever before, with fresh iOS and Android apps! I beta tested them both, and I'm super excited to see that they both are launched publicly today! From the app descriptions: Keybase is a messaging platform where: * you can write securely to any twitter, reddit, facebook, github, and hacker news user * you don't need to know someone's phone number or email address * all messages are secure, end-to-end encrypted * multi-device: your messages survive and transfer with encryption to new phones & computers Keybase is so much more. It is: * free for everyone, and free of ads * open source ( * multi-platform, w/apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows (
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@nafetswirth EXISTENCE IS PAIN
Been looking forward to this. I love the concept of Keybase as a keeper of crypto-identity. Where do you see this going in terms of adoption -- it seems less like a product for mainstream and more like something for really tech-savvy people and engineers. Do you have any thoughts on how to broaden your appeal, or are you satisfied with this niche?
Not available in French App Store... WHYYYY?! And when the fuck will Apple get rid of this territorial segmentation nonsense, lets just have a Universal App Store.
@ikonoklast agreed about territorial segmentation in most cases, although here it's not Apple's fault, it's French law. We got to release the app in every single country *except* France, because France has weird crypto import regulations. We can get a French release out - other crypto apps have - but we have to throw legal time and money, and our own time, at it. We will get to it eventually, but we're a small team.
Been waiting for the iOS app. Thanks