Coworking space inside of restaurants during their downtime

Kettle Space is NYC's most convenient & collaborative network of workspaces → inside of restaurants during their downtime.

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Interesting. I was just chatting with some friends over the weekend about starting a coffee shop in SF inside of unused business or office space over the weekend.
@rrhoover Nice, not too far off! There are opportunities everywhere for repurposing remnant assets of many kinds.
Interesting idea! What happens once the restaurant gets busy? Do you get kicked out?
@daviswbaer We create dedicated working spaces so that workers are not comingling with diners. Many of our spaces are actually dinner-only restaurants where we occupy the entire dining area during prime working hours. When dinnertime or happy hour comes around, Kettlers can stay and enjoy the food & drink (at a discount) or head home for the day. Usually this is around 6pm. It's all very seamless.
I've seen signs around for this and it's a great idea to help restaurants earn some extra money when they're not open yet serving food, but still a nice quiet working space for those who need it. Free coffee and drinks, and a price tag less than that of a WeWork. Get 50% off your first month using my code: KMINKSTEIN
@kristofertm How are you differentiating yourselves from other services/startups doing the exact same thing? Is it that you are first to market in this geographical location?
@kristofertm @agreenwaldhq There are many ways that we are different than other workspaces and coffee shop "offices" like the countless perks & amenities we include with membership (hello bottomless coffee, tea, & snacks), full passport access to every space in our network, collaborative and dynamic community, and of course our incredible price point under $100. There is a highly experiential piece of this where you actually feel a buzz & vibrancy in our spaces that you simply don't get elsewhere.
Great idea, Andrew. Easy/drop in coworkIng space in NYC is scarce, and the hotel lobbies are no longer cutting it (too crowded and loud). I’d pay as long as it is cheaper than a Breather.
@allantear Thanks, Allan! It's much cheaper than Breather and quieter than lobbies. Stop by sometime and let me know so I can be sure to be at that location!
You guys need to do this in Los Angeles. Santa Monica / Venice, for example. Solid idea and great pricing.
@kosmalak If there are any specific spots you think would be a good fit, let us know!